Training Mode: Classroom and Online

Duration – 8 Months

Description: Architect  Expert Course at Next-G Education is designed under the guidance of IT industry expert or professional of well renowned company. This course is well suited for professional as well as freshers, who are looking their career in Architect Design. This Course covers concept of sketching & Drafting,2D&3D, AutoCAD, Revit, etc.


  • 12th or Equivalent
  • BCA/MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, (IT),
  • Diploma Candidates



Adobe Photoshop



3ds Max


Adobe Premiere Pro


Sketching & Drafting

Portfolio Development

Tests & Projects



Adobe Photoshop


  • Vector vs. bitmap graphics
  • Image resolution
  • Interface – tools/control panel/panels
  • Preferences – units/increments/guides/ Undos


  • Paint tools
  • Tool presets
  • Working with pen
  • Gradients

Basic Selection techniques

  • Selection tools 
  • Modifying selections
  • Color range 

Working with layers

  • Layer concepts
  • Creating, modifying and controlling
  • Transparency
  • Layer styles
  • Layer groups
  • Aligning/distributing layers
  • Positioning/smart guides
  • Clipping masks

Working with colours

  • Color theory 
  • Gamut
  • Saving colors
  • Eyedropper tool

Saving your work

  • File formats


  • Transforming
  • Image and canvas size
  • Crop tools
  • Content Aware scaling

Identifying colours/selections

  • Channels
  • Alpha Channels


  • Refine edge

Working with External files

  • Place linked
  • Place embedded

Images for Color Correction

  • Auto adjustments
  • Histograms
  • Color balance
  • Replace color
  • Hue/saturation
  • Levels 
  • Black and white

Intermediate-level layers

Layer Masks
Smart Objects
Layer Adjustments
Layer control


  • Type formatting – Character and Paragraph


  • Applying filters
  • Filter gallery
  • Blur filters
  • Puppet warp
  • Liquify filters

Retouching images

  • Content aware
  • Retouching tools
  • Retouching techniques



  • Drawing Objects in Autocad
  • Manipulating objects and data : Purging Objects, Geometry Calculator
  • Styles and settings in Autocad: Dimension Styles and Overrides , Multileaders setting
  • Plotting: Plotter configuration files, plot style tables
  • Creating Tables, Styles, Tabels Content, importing and Exporting tables
  • Dimensioninig and Annotation introduction and uses
  • Multileaders uses and creations
  • Blocks and attributes: Creatining and editing
  • Layers Management: Filters, states manager, standards
  • Layout and Views: Creatinig Layout and View Port
  • Sheet Sets Creation and working


  • Modelling in 3D: Introduction, Creating Models, Working in 3D, Cross Section
  • Editing Models: Details information about solid models, converting objects, model position, 3D Objects
  • Drawing from 3D Models: Generating 2D Geometry and Sectioning a Solid Model
  • Visuallization Tools: Introduction and uses.
  • Non Autocad 3D


3ds Max


  • Basic interface and layout study
  • Basic layout


  • Edit Poly Modeling
  • Extrude
  • Chamfer
  • CutandSlices
  • Symmetry Mirror Modeling
  • Designing a table and chair
  • Designing a full 3D house using box
  • Lines and Shapes
  • Importing a plan from AutoCAD/Vector works
  • Doors and Windows
  • AEC extended
  • Railing and Trees
  • Stairs


  • Compound objects
  • Connect
  • Scatter
  • Pro Boolean
  • Loft
  • Terrain
  • Bend
  • Taper
  • Twist
  • Stretch
  • Skew
  • FFD
  • Wave and Ripple
  • Lattice
  • Lathe

Basic Lights

  • Omni Light
  • Spot Light
  • Direct Light
  • Light effects


  • Free Camera
  • Target camera
  • Camera Animation/Path Animation

Texturing and Rendering

  • Diffuse and Bump Mapping
  • Environment and Background images
  • Rendering images
  • Mental Ray or Vray Advance rendering and lighting


Introduction of BIM

  • What is BIM?
  • BIM Level 2 overview

Starting a Project

  • Creating a new project
  • Understanding project settings
  • Adding levels
  • Adding grids

Model architectural elements

  • Adding walls
  • Wall properties and wall types
  • Adding architecture and structure columns, doors, windows
  • Adding and editing families
  • Creating roof, ceilings, floors
  • Creating and editing curtain walls
  • Stairs, railings, and ramps
  • Adding Rooms, creating Area Plans, opening and shaft
  • Conceptual Mass tools

Links, Imports, and Groups

  • Working with DWG files
  • Understanding CAD inserts
  • Using import tips
  • Creating a group

Visibility and Graphic Controls

  • Using object styles
  • Working with visibility
  • Using Hide/Isolate
  • Understanding view range
  • Using the Linework tool

Rendering with Revit and Enscape 3D plugin


Adobe Premiere Pro


  • The video editing workflow
  • Understanding projects, sequences and clips

The Premiere Interface

  • Using workspaces in Adobe Premiere
  • The Source, Program, Project and Sequence panels
  • Watch a quick edit from beginning to end
  • The Tools Panel and the audio meters

Importing and organising your footage

  • Importing single and multiple files and folders
  • Using bins and renaming clips
  • Using the Media Browser

Basic Editing Skills

  • Creating a new sequence using your clips settings
  • Previewing your clips in the Source
  • Three point and drag-and-drop editing
  • Understanding an insert and overwrite edit
  • Working with different image formats

Editing in the Timeline

  • Rearranging clips in the timeline
  • Copying and pasting clips
  • Ripple and roll edits
  • Using the razor blade
  • Using markers to time your edits

Effects and Titles

  • Adding transitions
  • Keying (Blue/Green screen)
  • Understanding rendering and real time playback

Color Correction

  • Fixing common problems with footage
  • Adding creative colour treatments
  • Speeding up your editing with Adjustment Layers

Resizing and animating images and video

  • Basic Motion Controls
  • Using key frames
  • Working with logos and photographs

Exporting your project

  • Making life simple with Presets
  • Web exports for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Exporting for PC and MAC playback
  • High quality exports

Tips and common problems

  • Resetting your preferences file
  • The auto-save vault

Sketching & Drafting

Portfolio Development

Tests & Projects

Career Prospects of Architect Expert Course

Architect Expert, Interior Designer, Autocad 2D and 3D Expert, Revit Expert, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, 3D Designer etc..

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