Graphic Expert Premium Course

Training Mode: Classroom and Online

Duration – 8 months

DescriptionGraphic Expert Premium Course enables you to put the graphical design  theories into practical and useful application. This complete hands-on training course at Next- Education will cover all aspects of graphic design  tools like: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Bridge, QuarkXPress. You will learn how to effectively communicate to end-users using visual arts and graphic design . You will develop a portfolio during this course which you could present to prospective employers for job consideration.

Who Can Join Graphic Expert Premium Course

  • 10th,12th or Equivalent
  • BCA/MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, B.SC (IT), B.SC(CS)
  • Diploma Candidates

Graphic Expert Premium Course Details


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Lightroom



Adobe InDesign



Prepress & Postpress

Visual Grammer


Portfolio Development


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop overview

Working with Tools
Using Layer
Exploring Preferences
Keyboard Shortcuts
Color management
Actions, Droplets & Batch processing
Camera Raw files

Image Adjustments

Face Retouch
Advanced effects
Photo Filters
Creating Panoramic images
Affect Perspective

Advanced Painting & Digital Painting
Exploring the Brush Engine
Working with Patterns
Create Patterns
Use Smart Filters
Lighting effects
3D Textures

Layer Compositions
Replace color
Selecting Pixels
Blending Modes
Clipping Masks
Type on Path

Outputting features
Animated GIF
Create Multi-package
Save File

Adobe Illustrator

Essential Illustrator
What is vector & Raster graphics?
Create Custom Workspace
Document Settings
Illustrator interface
Exploring panels
Control Panel
Preview Options
Custom Workspace

Creating new documents for print ,web and Paper
Document controls
Modifying Document
Saving Document
Changing Units
Using Custom Views
Work with Grids
Work with Guides
Use Smart Guides

Selection, and Direct Selection tools
Lasso tool, Magic wand, Editing Anchor Points, Bounding Box

Basic Shapes
Shape Tools, Shapebuilder Tool, Compound Shapes
Pathfinder Options
Duplicate objects
Use Fill and stroke attributes

Transformation Tools
Scale, Rotate, Shear, Reflect
Alignment and Distribution
Aligning and Distribution to Selected Objects
Aligning and Distribution to Artboard
Aligning and Distribution to Key Object

layers panel
Selecting the layers panel
Delete layers
Group and name layers
Change the stack order
Movie objects
Copy objects
Adjusting layer

Work with colour
Create swatches
Work with gradients

Object transform and duplicate

Move, copy,Rotate and scale Objects
Transform Panel
Text Editing
Point Text
Area Text
Text Format
Text Threads

Place Images
Work with Images
Use Links Panel
Image Trace
Intro to Live Paint
Work with artboards
Work With Different Page Sizes
Re-size and Modify artboards
Create new artboards and copy artboards
Work With Color
Adjusting Color Settings
Global Swatches
Basics of Color Guide Panel
Color Panel
Work With Paths and Pen Tool
Use Paths
Use Anchor Points
Drawing Straight Segments
Adding Point
Work With Open and Closed Path
Join and Averag Paths
Control Handles
Use Pathfinder

Work With Brushes
Scatter Brush
Art Brush
Pattern Brush
Bristle Brushes

Graphic styles
Use Appearance panel
Create Graphic Styles
Work with symbols
What are symbols?
Use symbols libraries
Use Symbol Sprayer tool
Create new symbols
Break symbol link
Redefining symbols

Introduction to infographics
Create an Infographic use basic shapes
Create Data for Charts and Infographics
Create Bar Charts
Create Line Charts
Create Pie Charts
Importe Data from Excel
Color charts

Working with images
Embed images
Masking Images
Image Trace
Using Live Paint
Clipping Masks

Save, print and export
Saving for the web
Create Bitmap Images
Use Illustrator files in InDesign and Photoshop
Create PDF files

Adobe Lightroom

Getting started Lightroom
Introduce Lightroom interface
Module Picker
Dimming lights

Import photos
Shoot Raw vs JPEG
Import images from a card
Import images from a disk
File handling
Import videos

Library module

Lightroom Catalogues
Back up the Catalogue
Library Module
Loupe view
Work in Survey view
Work in Compare view
labelling images

Develop module

Develop Module Interface
Basic panel
Tone Curve panel
HSL/Color/B&W panel
Lens Corrections panel
Effects panel
Black and White conversions
Sharpening images and Noise Reduction
Exporting images from Lightroom

Book module

Creatw a Book
Edit Book pages
Edit Cover Pages
Publish Book

Slideshow module
Create Slideshow
Layout and Options panels
Preview and play slideshow
Export slideshow to PDF, JPEG, and Video

Layout and Settings panels
Page Options
Picture Packages
Printing Modes
Printing to JPEG

Web module

Layout Style panel
Choosing the right gallery: HTML, Flash, Viewer
Changing the appearance with the Appearance panel
Changing the image info with the Info panel
Output Settings
Exporting the Web gallery


Difference Between Raster and Vector?
Introduction to CorelDraw
Work with Tools
Drawing Objects
Working with Objects
Arrange and Group Objects
Skew Objects
Work with Lines
Create Blends
Use Filters
Work with Text
Create and work with Layers
Photo Edit
Create Bitmaps
Edit Bitmaps and ClipArt
3D Model and Rendering


Adobe InDesign

InDesign Environment
Manage document
Window Arrangement

Design Documents
Create document
Modify document’s layout
Create margins, columns and gutters

Work With Text
Create text frame
Add and format text
Edit text
Text frame properties

Format With Paragraph Styles
Create paragraph style
Modify paragraph style
Removing style

Master pages
Understand ‘A’ master
Add master page objects
Apply master pages
Unlock master page
Re-apply master page

Text wrap
Text wrap around
Text wrap properties
Create jumps

Work With Transparency
Apply transparency
Drop shadow

Color and swatches
Apply colour
Create swatch
Edit existing swatch
Use fill-and-stroke

Work with images
Import options
Scale image
Crop image
Select inside a frame
Image resolution

Create PDF files
Export PDF files for print
Use Adobe CC libraries
Manage assets

Format with character styles
Create character style
Modify character style
Remove style

Bulleted lists
Create bulleted list
Add and modify bullets
Adjust indentations

Work with effects
Inner Shadow
Bevel and Emboss
Gradient Feather
Inner Glow and Outer Glow

Object styles

Create object style
Modify object style
Update object style

Import and Thread Text
Place text file
Place Word document
Save and Export File



Introduction of QuarkXPress
Use of QuarkXPress
Files, Projects and Layouts
keyboard shortcuts

Basics Document
Work in Projects
Layout Propertie
Create Project
Save options

Content Boxes
Create boxes
Manipulat box
Inserte text
Import text
images for print
Place images
Drag and drop images
Change image

Edit and format text

Character and Paragraph option
Character options
Paragraph options
Text options
Baseline grids

Master pages

Use Pages Layout
Add elements

Text box link
Page number
Create sections
Link text box
Create “from” and “to” fields

Kerning, Tracking and Leading
Hyphenation and Justification
Drop caps

Style Sheets
Create Paragraph style
Create Character style
Apply styles
Edit styles
Change styles
Item styles
Save File
Save for PDF
Create Package


Prepress & Postpress

Visual Grammer


Portfolio Development

Career Options:

Graphic Desinger

Poster Design

Logo Design

Flyer Design

Illustration Design


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