Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Expert Course

Duration : 45 Days

Training Mode : classroom

This Adobe Illustrator Expert Course is perfect for freshers as well as designing professionals who work with print media, brochure deign, logo design, stationary design web and mobile platforms, scanners and tablets.


Introducing Adobe Illustrator

Opening a file

Exploring the workspace

Getting to know the Tools

Using Control panel

saving your workspace

Change the artwork

Using the Artboards panel


Selecting objects

Using the Selection, Direct Selection  tool

Creating selections with a marquee

Hiding and locking objects

Selecting similar objects

Selecting in Outline mode

Aligning objects

Aligning objects to each other

Aligning to a key object

Aligning anchor points

Distributing objects

Aligning to the artboard

Working with groups

Grouping items

Editing a group in Isolation mode

Creating a nested group

Exploring object arrangement

Arranging objects

Selecting objects behind


Creating a new document

Working with basic shapes

Creating and editing rectangles, ellipse, circle, polygon

Rounding corners

Changing stroke width and alignment

Drawing lines, star

Creating a

Working with the Shaper tool

Combining shapes

Using the Draw Inside mode

Using Image Trace


Starting the lesson

Editing paths and shapes

Cutting with the Scissors tool

Joining paths

Cutting with the Knife tool

Using the Eraser tool

Combining shapes

Shape Builder tool

Working with Pathfinder panel

Creating a compound path

Using the Width tool

Outlining strokes

Finishing up the illustration

Starting the lesson

Working with artboards

Adding artboards

Editing artboards

Renaming artboards

Reordering artboards

Working with rulers and guides

Creating guides

Editing the ruler origin

Transforming content

Positioning artwork using the Transform panel

Positioning artwork using Smart Guides

Scaling objects

Reflecting objects

Rotating objects

Distorting objects with effects

Shearing objects

Transforming with the Free Transform tool

Creating a PDF


Starting the lesson

An intro to drawing with the Pen tool

Selecting paths

Drawing straight lines with the Pen tool

Introducing curved paths

Drawing a curve with the Pen tool

Drawing a series of curves with the Pen tool

Converting smooth points to corner points

Combining curves and straight lines

Creating artwork with the Pen tool

Drawing a coffee cup

Drawing with the Curvature tool

Editing curves

Reflecting the spoon shape

Rounding corner points

Editing paths and points

Deleting and adding anchor points

Converting between smooth points and corner points

Anchor Point tool

Create Dashed line

Adding arrowheads to a path

Working with the Pencil tool

Drawing freeform paths with the Pencil tool

Drawing straight segments with the Pencil tool

Joining with the Join tool


Starting the lesson

Exploring color modes

Working with color

Applying an existing color

Creating a custom color using the Color panel

Saving a color as a swatch

Creating a copy of a swatch

Editing a swatch

Creating and editing a global swatch

Using the Color Picker to create color

Using Illustrator swatch libraries

Adding a spot color

Creating and saving a tint of a color

Converting colors

Copying appearance attributes

Creating a color group

Creative inspiration with the Color Guide panel

Editing a color group in the Edit Colors dialog box

Editing colors in artwork

Assigning colors to your artwork

Working with Live Paint

Creating a Live Paint group

Painting with the Live Paint Bucket tool

Modifying a Live Paint group


Starting the lesson

Adding type to the poster

Adding text at a point

Adding area type

Working with Auto Sizing

Converting between area and point type

Importing a plain-text file

Threading text

Formatting type

Changing font family and font style

Fixing missing fonts

Changing font size

Changing font color

Changing additional character formatting

Working with Glyphs

Changing paragraph formatting

Modifying text with the Touch Type tool

Resizing and reshaping type objects

Creating columns of text

Creating and applying text styles

Creating and applying a paragraph style

Editing a paragraph style

Creating and applying a character style

Editing a character style

Sampling text formatting

Wrapping text

Reshaping text with a preset envelope warp

Editing the envelope warp

Working with type on a path

Creating type on a path

Creating type on a closed path

Creating text outlines


Starting the lesson

Understanding layers

Creating layers and sublayers

Creating new layers

Creating sublayers

Editing layers and objects

Locating layers

Moving content between layers

Viewing layers

Reordering layers

Collecting into a new layer

Duplicating layer content

Pasting layers

Changing layer order

Applying appearance attributes to layers

Creating a clipping mask


Starting the lesson

Working with gradients

Applying a linear gradient to a fill

Editing/Saving a gradient

Adjusting a linear gradient fill

Applying a linear gradient to a stroke

Editing a gradient on a stroke

Applying a radial gradient to artwork

Editing the colors in the radial gradient

Adjusting the radial gradient

Applying gradients to multiple objects

Adding transparency to gradients

Working with blended objects

Creating a blend with specified steps

Modifying a blend

Creating and editing a smooth color blend

Painting with patterns

Applying an existing pattern

Creating your own pattern

Applying your pattern

Editing your pattern


Starting the lesson

Working with brushes

Using Calligraphic brushes

Applying a Calligraphic brush to artwork

Drawing with the Paintbrush tool

Editing paths with the Paintbrush tool

Editing a brush

Removing a brush stroke

Using Art brushes

Applying an existing Art brush

Creating an Art brush

Editing an Art brush

Using Bristle brushes

Changing Bristle brush options

Painting with a Bristle brush

Using Pattern brushes .

Creating a Pattern brush

Applying a Pattern brush

Editing the Pattern brush

Working with the Blob Brush tool

Drawing with the Blob Brush tool

Merging paths with the Blob Brush tool

Editing with the Eraser tool


Starting the lesson

Using the Appearance panel

Editing appearance attributes

stroke and fill to artwork

stroke and fill to text

Reordering appearance attributes

Applying an effect

Editing an effect

Styling text with a Warp effect

Editing text with a Warp effect

Offset Path effect

Photoshop Effect

Working with 3D effects

Using graphic styles

graphic style

Creating and applying a graphic style

graphic style to a layer

Scaling strokes and effects


Working with symbols

Using existing Illustrator symbol libraries

Editing a symbol

Working with dynamic symbols

Creating, Duplicating,Replacing symbol

Breaking a link to a symbol

Working with Creative Cloud Libraries

Adding assets to CC Libraries

Using Library assets

Updating a Library asset

Working with the perspective grid

Using a preset grid

Adjusting the perspective grid

Drawing artwork in perspective

Selecting and transforming objects in perspective

Moving planes and objects together

Drawing artwork with no active grid

Adding and editing text in perspective

Moving objects in a perpendicular direction

Moving a plane to match an object

Bringing content into perspective

Editing symbols in perspective

Releasing objects with perspective

Finishing up


Starting the lesson

Combining artwork

Placing image files

Placing an image

Scaling a placed image

Placing a Photoshop image with Show Import Options

Placing multiple images

Applying color edits to an image

Masking images

Applying a simple mask to an image

Editing a clipping path

Masking an object with text

Creating an opacity mask

Editing an opacity mask

Sampling colors in placed images

Working with image links

Finding link information

Embedding and unembedding images

Replacing a linked image

Packaging a file


Starting the lesson

Creating Pixel-Perfect Drawings

Aligning new artwork to the pixel grid

Aligning existing artwork to the pixel grid

Exporting artboards and assets

Exporting artboards

Exporting individual assets

Career Options

  • Illustrationt Art
  • Illustrator Expert
  • Logo Designer
  • Stationary Designer

Course Feedback


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Our team always committed to your success, so our institute offers students to pay their fees installment in monthly basis, rather than full amount*.
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