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ecommerce course in rohini

lot E commerce has added a new dimension to retail business. Internet web traffic is a more attracted in the direction of Online shopping now a days, so e-commerce profits is expanding everyday, and also based on statistics, it will certainly go across 1 trillion business worldwide in 2020. Let’s discuss here Top 10 Open Source E Commerce Frameworks. These days, it is also very easy ...

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Improve Graphic Design Skills with Latest Graphics Applications

Gone are the days when individuals just indulged in reading web content online. Nowadays, greater than the words, the website needs to look fascinating. With captivating visuals as well as gripping web content, the individual gets persuaded to remain on the website and also utilize it. The graphics play a significant function in producing an overview of your website. In order to develop a websi...

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Job Oriented Courses After 10th And 12th

Career Courses after 10th & 12TH

Having a stable career is the key to happiness and a balanced life. After passing your secondary schooling, your primary focus becomes what should you choose for your graduation to make a successful career. Sometimes you do not get the right guidance and counseling, and you tend to choose the wrong career choices for yourself.

But if you are ...

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Top 50 SEO Interview Questions & Answers

Q.1. What Is SEO?

Ans. SEO is a process to improve the ranking of website, blog, article, document, audio, video etc,  in SERP (Search Engine Result Page.

Q.2. Explain types of SEO?

Ans. There are three types of SEO:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

Q. 3. Explain the Phases of SEO?

Ans. There are four Phases i...

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Role of Chat Bots in Digital Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine the way brands communicate with target clients. They boost sales, traffic as well as deal accurate as well as quick customer assistance and service. With the intro of AI, chatbots have become even more power to drive conversion in digital marketing.

In straightforward words, chatbots are fine-tuning customer...

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Essential Skills Every Graphic Designer Needs to Have

Essential skills every graphic designer needs to have

Graphic design is a fast-paced, ever-evolving sector-- as well as the roadway to occupation development isn't constantly simple. In some cases, it can really feel as though you're creating exceptional job however not being rewarded. That could be because, while you're strong on core visuals layout skills, you could be...

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Top 20 SEO Interview Questions

1. what is SEO?

Ans: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that the method of up the visibility of a website on organic (‘natural’ or Un-paid) program result pages (SERPs). This can be accomplished through implementation of program friendly Website, Design optimized internal navigation and link landscape, in addition as optimization of ...

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Learn Digital Marketing and Become Google Certified


Next-G Education provides a strong series of internet marketing training courses out of which the Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing is most ideal. This training course is created to educate digital marketing professionals as well as an entrepreneur on obtaining one of the most of their reach as well as exactly how to acquire a competit...

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Advanced SEO Techniques to Boost Website Ranking


Hello, friends My Self Rajesh Kumar. Digital Marketing Expert and Project Manager. Here I am going to discuss the all-important advanced checklist to Boost Website ranking. Here I will also discuss to improve Google ranking fast & cheap way. So let’s started with step by step:

On Page Optimization: On Page SO is much more complex nowadays. We mu...

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web design course

If you have an artistic bend of mind and also who innately looks for visual options to create innovative designs as well as you additionally have interest in web technologies, a career in Web design might be the best of both worlds. Web design courses in Rohini permits you to not only stretch your creative wings but also keep up with the latest trends, technolo...

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Learn Digital Marketing Course With Digital Marketing Expert

Whether you are a professional requirement to understand digital marketing, business owner to make the most of online channels for your business promotions, traditional marketing experts or trainees to fast track your marketing profession, enter in the digital world or to boost your task possibilities with our job oriented digital marketing courses. We expect participants of ou...

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Best Reasons to Become a Web Developer

Web development combines creativity and also logical abilities completely. A Web developer is a type of programmer who specializes in the development of applications connecting to the Internet or dispersed network applications, which typically run protocols like HTTP from a Web server to a client web browser using associated programming languages like HTML/CSS, C#, Ruby and PHP among others. Ma...

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Importance of Color Theory for a Graphic Designer

Different colors can provoke several associations, emotions, and responses which influence how the brand name is seen to the world. Simply speaking, your choice of colors can be a big deciding element of whether the design will function or not. According to the research, color can improve interaction, memory, as well as brand name visibility by around 80%.

Today, we are no longer restric...

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Learn Latest Web Design Languages

If you are the beginner and looking to enter in the field of web designing and web development, the biggest part of starting is to decide where to start. Now a day’s lots of programming languages are available, each with own pros and cons. But the good news is that if you are fresher, your journey starts with a web designer.

If we talk about web designing and web development the bo...

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Best Computer Training Institute in North Delhi

Next-G Education has over 100+ high-quality courses available in both online as well as classroom mode across all over the country.  All courses are a unique one and have been prepared by Industry Expert Professional. All the courses give students an interactive and enriched learning experience.

Digital Marketing


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Join Next-G Education today and start taking advantage of membership benefits and better opportunities straight away! Once you have registered for any course, you will get the opportunity to be a member of Next-G team.

You can join our courses in web design, graphic design, video editing, AutoCAD, internet marketing, SEO, SMO etc., at any mode either in online or classroom mode. As soon ...

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We all know how tremendously fast this world is growing in every aspect, the world of technology is also growing remarkably fast. Remember the old days back in the '80s when there was not much technology if we consider technology back then. One has to send letters to send a message to someone, no helping hand from technology in daily routines or in running a business. Well, those days does scar...

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It is needless to say what video editing is! World of entertainment is growing fast to fulfill the need of entertaining the people, whether it is film, Series, T.V shows or documentary videos. Every next people you can talk will be definitely into watching T.V or films for fun, people are using entertainment media more and more to get relief from their daily hectic life schedul...

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UX Designer

Job Description
- Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, sketch or other visual design and wire-framing tools
- Working Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for rapid prototyping.
- Understanding of User-Centered Design Process.
- Solid experience in creating wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and sitemaps
- Excellent visual design ski...

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Benefits of Graphics Designing Courses in Digital World

The world is growing unexpectedly fast and so is the world of technology. Everything you could possibly imagine about the tools or devices you use every day is ultimately based on the technology, whether it is mobile, computer or smart wristwatch. World of technology is divided into many variant parts in terms of IT field, likewise technology to build a website, mobile ...

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Learn the Best Web Development Courses in Delhi-NCR

Web development is a course which can enlighten about developing a website and all other including aspects of coding and designing a website. As per the statics, there is no doubt that the requirement of the web developers is expected to rise by 23% in a foreseen year. Definitely, it is the best chance to make your dream into a reality of getting a decent job in IT industry. Th...

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Develop Your Own Website by Learning Web Designing Course

What is web design? It is needless to mention that. Every next person is aware of term web design in this fast developing era of technology. Candidates are choosing web designing as their career these days as the requirement is rising and will more in foreseen ending months of this year. Every person is adapting technology in their daily life, ...

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Learn best Graphic Designing Courses at Next-G Education

What is graphic designing? It is a skill or a technique to design a picture or a visual effect with text or a picture. Today in this tremendously growing era of technology, people are getting known to technology more and more. Every next person is using technology in their routine life in term of any techno devices or direct technology, a business person is using technologies t...

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Days are gone when one has to learn and pass through the entire degree course to earn the knowledge about the specific field, now are the days of short-term technical courses and diploma courses. Youngster prefers to earn knowledge via short-term courses and diploma certificate courses, there number of field in IT sector to dev...

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Best Online Web, Graphic, Video Editing, Digital Marketing Training Institute

As the world of technology is growing tremendously fast, a requirement for online training at the ease of candidate comfort is also getting a trend. No matter what parts of the country you belong to, major percent of the candidates prefer to learn online about new technologies and grow their skills ultimately by using online training service providers for web development, video editing,...

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SEO & Drupal Jobs in Janakpuri

Dear Sir/Mam

We are looking for hardworking candidates for our company Trendy Pvt Ltd., which is running for the past 3 years. The candidates must be graduated and have experience of 1 year in the field of Drupal and also as a set candidate.

Mention below is the Job Descriptions of our company:-

1) Interview timing will be on Monday and from 11a.m.to1p.m.
2) Office tim...

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Top 10 Best Diploma and Short Term Graphic Design Courses

Are you creative one on paper? Or Are you the creative artist on par? Now it's a time to transfer your skill in digital platforms. Join us to transform your creative thoughts and ideas in the real world using the most popular applications in this field. Rules and put your artistic idea in our short term and diploma courses and improve your career in the area of Graphic Design.

Our course...

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Best Institute to Learn Web Development Language Online

In the current digital world, the internet is playing a vital role in every sphere of life be it education, entertainment, business and the need for dynamic websites has undergone an incremental tendency. From small scale to big scale businesses, everyone wants to have an interactive website which has upsurge the demand of web developers with lucrative compensation. In simple terms, web develop...

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Best Institute to Learn Web Design Languages Online

Learn Web Design Languages Online

In today’s digital world, Web Design is one of the fastest evolving industry. Because of the huge demand for websites in every business, people are keen to learn web design languages. There are many institutes from where you can learn web designing languages, but the question is how many of them train on the latest version? How many of them provi...

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Best Institute to Learn Web Design & Development Languages Online

Next-G Education a Unit of Web Services is an ISO 9001: 2015, leading web design and Development Training Institute in India. We offer latest updated web design and web development courses for you to help you in connecting with the latest technologies.

Here We make sure to use the latest updated languages and technologies that help to achieve your success. Our highly dedicated and skille...

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Best Institute to Learn Graphics Applications Online

Learning graphics applications online can be a better option for careers in Graphic Industry, Print Media Industry as well as Web Design Industry. In today's digital India fashion, the role of graphic designers is precious. As we all know designs of products or services are the first impression where customer stay.

The selected area where Graphic Software's used:

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Best Asp .Net Training Institute in North Delhi

ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET and its full form are Active Server Pages .NET. It is mainly used for creating web pages and web technologies. It is one of the most fundamental parts of Microsoft’s .NET framework. ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework and very beneficial tool for developers and programmers because of which they build dynamic, rich websites and web application...

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5 Tips to find Best Web Development Institute in Delhi

If you are looking to start your career in web development, then you must sure about that institute which you are going to Join. If we discuss web designing & development training institute in India then we will get over one Lakh institutes. It's very difficult to select best one form them.

1. Know what you are looking?

Before joining any institute must conf...

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Android is the platform that powers millions and millions of mobile devices all around the world. The best Android mobile app development training in North Delhi will make you confident in developing various mobile applications, mobile games, apps, books, movies, music, and similar digital content. Transform your innovative mobile app idea into reality by enrolling to best Read more

Best Online Graphic Design Institute in India

Online Graphic Design Courses Training Institute

In the two decades, India has seen staggering technological changes. Which includes lots of things like technology, internet, laptop, computers etc..Now days almost every young generation are aware of internet facility and about the latest technical features. These staggering technological changes making peoples lives easier. Increasing ...

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What is Web Design and Process of Website Design?

Web Design a process to present the content and information on the internet or online for any type of business in the form of a website. Now if we discuss website then we can say that it's a nothing, just a collection of web pages. So as web designers our complete work is designing a web page.

Technologies mostly used for the web pages are HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript generally. For putt...

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With the growing era of digitalization, the need for industry ready students is also rising in the IT sector. Various MNCs and giant companies look for those candidates who possess good practical skills and have hands-on experience in the industry.

Attaining a graduation diploma or degree is just not sufficient in this highly competitive market...

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Top 6 Programming Languages to learn in Web Development

Web development has been one of the most demanding and successful professions in today’s time. It has a vast scope in the future and promises an astounding career for creative learners. Now the question that pops up into the mind is - what exactly web development includes?

For a layman, it is about developing a website for any business by using cer...

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