Next-G Education provides 6 months industrial training with live project in Delhi.
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Next-G Education is here with a great opportunity for students to learn new things before the commencement of the next semester. The summer training program for B.Tech, B.SC, CS/IT students focuses on practical knowledge and conceptual learning. The training program has been designed to help the students gather experience and make them ready for the tough challenges of the corporate world.

However, the abundance of institutes offering summer training programs can indeed boggle students and make it extremely difficult for them to choose the right institute. We at Next-G Education provide the best summer training program for B.Tech, B.SC, CS/IT students to improve their understanding of the various concepts of their respective subjects so that they can stand out and excel in their careers.

Some Of The Areas Covered By This Program

1.Web Design

2.Web Development






8.Responsive Web Design

What Is the Significance Of the Summer Training Program Offered By Next-G Education?

The summer training program offered by Next-G Education can be very advantageous for students as it can not only strengthen concepts and enhance their understanding of the subjects but develop their personality as well. By enrolling in this summer training program, students can learn new things and make the best use of their time. In addition to that, this summer internship training is job-oriented, and it aims at preparing the students for challenges of the corporate world.

What Are The Benefits Of Enrolling In This Summer Training Program?

Here are some of the features which set us apart from other institutes.

Well Qualified And Highly Experienced Faculty: The highly skilled and well-qualified faculty at Next-G Education provides high-quality education to students. With years of experience in teaching, the faculty employs efficacious methods and techniques to make the students grasp the various concepts in the best way possible. Tests and doubt sessions are conducted regularly to track the performance of students and to make sure they are not lagging behind.

Competitive Atmosphere: Students get to learn in a competitive atmosphere, and this indubitably prepares them for the ever-rising competition in the industry. They get to spot the areas in which they are weak by interacting with the faculty and other students.

Regular And Consistent Practice Sessions: Our institute very well understands the importance of practice sessions, and that is why they are conducted on a regular basis. Students are provided with plenty of opportunities to engage in practical application of the theoretical knowledge they have acquired. Besides hands-on practice, they get to ask doubts so that their comprehension of the subject can be enhanced.

Certificate Upon Completion: Our institute provides the students with a certificate upon completion of the training and internship which can come handy when they apply for a job. The certificate can undoubtedly give the students an edge over others.

Next-G Education is a leading premier institute which offers multitudes of professional courses at budget-friendly rates. This six-week program enhances the competency of students and encourages personality development along with the strengthening of basic concepts.

This summer training program offered by Next-G Education can be quite beneficial for students as it will inculcate in them specific skills and help them to develop useful competencies at the same time. If you wish to sign up for this summer training program and strengthen your concepts, feel free to reach out to us using the contact details provided below.