Best Web designing Languages to Learn

If you are beginner and looking to enter in the field of web designing and web development, the biggest part of starting is to deciding where to start. Now a day’s lots of programming languages are available, each with own prons and cons. But good news is that if you are fresher, your journey starts with web designer.

If we talk about web designing and web development the both are related to each others.  Web designing involves all the things which a user sees and interacts with web pages. On the other hand web development involves server and database technology that collects the data of our websites.

Fundamentals of Web



When we talk about web fundamentals, then first steps starts from HTML & CSS. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) defines the structure of web pages using different tags. It is known as backbone for any website.  Its improves the web pages looks containing text, images, paragraph, text, video, color, fonts, layout, heading etc…


css3-courseCascading Style Sheets (CSS) is for style sheet. i.e its gives us control over text, images, paragraph, text, video, color, fonts, layout, heading and over all look of web designing.  Using HTML5 and CSS3 we can give a better look for webpage’s or websites. We can also develop static website for user using these two languages.


bootstrap-courseA free tool designed for making web applications and websites smart device friendly is bootstrap. It uses to implements in web pages or applications which are developed in HTML and CSS.  Now a day’s peoples are using smart devices more comparison to laptop or desktop. So, as a developer or designer, developing websites in responsive mode are necessary. In that cases Bootstrap is more preferred tools by developers in recent days.


javascript-courseIn recent days JavaScript is most in demanding client-side scripting language for developing highly interactive and functional website. For sharing features like sliders, pop-up, effects, animation etc, JavaScript widely used.  Along With HTML & CSS,  It’s is one of the top three core languages throughout front-end development. The biggest fruit fall of the languages is that, its delivers wide libraries and frameworks which makes  our task easy. Some scripting languages

  • Angular
  • React
  • Ember
  • Vue
  • jQuery
  • Backbone

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