Advanced Web Design Course Online

Training Mode: Classroom and Online

Duration –2 Months in Regular | 1 Month in Fast Track

  1. Planning and Designing Website
    • Plan the Structure of a Website
    • Target your audience
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Designing Effective Web Layout and Navigation
  2. HTML: The Language of the Web
    • Introduction of HTML
    • Using HTML Editors
    • Structure of HTML Pages
    • Adding and Formatting Text
    • Creating Horizontal Line
    • Commenting Your HTML Code
    • HTML Headings
    • Creating Tables
    • Adding images
    • Adding Hyperlinks
    • Creating lists
  3. CSS: Styling web pages
    • Introduction of CSS
    • Adding CSS
    • Changing Colours with CSS
    • Working with Fonts
    • Formatting Text
    • Adding Page Background Colour
    • Adding page Background Image
    • Using float
    • Styling Ordered and Unordered Lists
    • The CSS box model
    • Margins, Padding and Borders
    • Using the <span> tag
    • Using Classes
  4. Structuring files using selectors
    • Selection in CSS
    • Using classes to style your site
    • Using the <div> tag
    • Inheritance
    • Using ids to structure your site
    • Selector weight values and specificity
  5. Introduction to HTML5
    • Creating sections in HTML5
    • The HTML5 <! DOCTYPE html> declaration
  6. Creating web Layout and Navigation
    • Create and style a layout in HTML5
    • Format the body of the web page
    • Centre your page
    • Create a 3-column layout
    • Create a header
    • Add navigation bar with lists
    • Create a footer
    • Add your own font and create a logo
  7. Using CSS3 on your template
    • CSS3 modules
    • What is new in CSS3?
    • Rounded corners
    • Box shadow
    • Text shadow
    • Altering the background of your site
    • Importing other CSS style sheets
  8. Creating drop-down menus
    • Nesting lists
    • Using the overflow CSS property
    • Adding effects to your menu
  9. Creating pages on your menu
    • Page name must equal link value
  10. Introduction Bootstrap and Responsive Website Design
    • Bootstrap Mobile Web Page Building Blocks
    • Working with Mobile Web Page Files
    • Bootstrap Framework and Installation
    • Bootstrap CSS
    • Bootstrap Grids and their Usages
    • Web Labels, Badges, Panels, Wells, and the Jumbotron
    • Bootstrap Tables and Forms
    • Working with Images, Media Objects, and Glyphicons
    • Buttons and Button Groups
    • Bootstrap Navbars and Responsive Navbars
    • Transitions, Buttons, Alerts, and Progress Bars
    • Bootstrap Carousels, Collapse and Accordion
  11. Publishing your site
    • Finding the appropriate Hosting space
    • Publishing Website Using FTP-Client

Career Options:

HTML Expert, Front End Developer, Mobile Website Designer, Bootstrap Developer, Responsive Website Expert

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