Practical Node.js Fundamentals for Beginners

node js for beginners

Practical Node.js Fundamentals for Beginners

What is Node.js? What are the uses of Node.js? Why do you need to learn Node.js? We will answer all these questions here. But before starting, do you know about Javascript?

Because Node.js is the first platform that supports Javascript for both the client and server-side. It is one of the advanced technologies that help to improve the business drastically. There are various benefits of Node.js that we will also discuss over here.

What is Node.js?

As is mentioned above that Node.js is one of the best technologies used by various tech giants. It includes LinkedIn, Uber, Paypal, and many more. It is an open-source or cross-platform library and environment used for running various web applications.

Therefore, Next G Education offers you the best in-depth knowledge about Node.js with a javascript course. Also, it is best for building those kinds of applications and software that need real-time interactions. However, there are various benefits of learning Node.js during javascript training from Next G Education.

What are the benefits of learning Node.js?

The use of javascript has evolved drastically over the past few years. The usage of Node.js is highly beneficial for both front-end and back-end developers. So, if you are a website developer, then learning Node.js will help you boost will boost your career significantly. Let’s look at the different benefits of learning Node.js.

Increasing Demand for Skilled Developers

With the rapidly changing digital technology, the demand for skilled javascript developers is rising. Thus, if you have the skills of Node.js, then it will be a great way to expand your career. Thus, Next G Education is known for offering the best javascript course in Rohini.

Improving Application Performance

Secondly, Node.js is one of the effective ways to improve application performance easily. Without many restrictions, you have the freedom to develop websites or applications. Also, with a full-stack web development course, you can write both back-end front-end applications with Javascript.

Massive Community

Thirdly, Node.js is an open platform that has a wide community of developers. These developers focus on the improvement of Node.js to enhance its usage. Therefore, Next G Education is the right place to learn javascript course in Delhi to learn Node.js.

You can Easily Learn

The most essential and best benefit of Node.js is its learning curve. If you have the basic programming language, then no one can stop you get accustomed to this platform. However, for the perfect guidance, Next G Education is a renowned javascript institute in Rohini.

What are the Things You Need To Learn Node.js?

We have already mentioned that you can learn node js for beginners. Therefore, to have a deep understanding, it is important to learn about the following things.
  • Learn Event Loop
  • Have in-depth knowledge of Javascript
  • Know about non-blocking mode
  • Do you know about global variables?
  • Learn to write code for node

All the above things you will learn during the javascript training in Rohini. Therefore, you will get fully ready for the workspace competition.

What are the uses of Node.js?

Now know that Node.js is one of the versatile platforms used by various tech giants. But, do you know its actual purpose?

Read below to know about various uses of Node.js

  • Internet of Things- Node.js is best for the Internet of Things or IoT platforms. It is because it can easily handle massive data flows.
  • Collaborative Tools- Do you have a popular application called Trello? Yes, Node.js is used for applications that require real-time management.
  • Real-Time Applications- Node.js is known for its smooth performance due to its high speed. Therefore, it easily supports high traffic of short messages, chatrooms, etc.
  • Applications for Data Streaming- The popular applications such as Netflix are largely supported by Node.js development. It helps to develop writable and readable data streams without any hassle.

Therefore, these are the practical Node.js fundamentals that you will learn as a beginner. Hurry up, and enroll in our javascript training by Next G Education now!