What is Web Design and Process of Website Design?

What is Web Design and Process of Website Design?

Web Design a process to present the content and information on the internet or online for any type of business in the form of a website. Now if we discuss website then we can say that it's a nothing, just a collection of web pages. So as web designers our complete work is designing a web page.

Technologies mostly used for the web pages are HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript generally. For putting content on the website, we use HTML, for styling we use CSS and for functionality we use JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Angular JS etc.

Before starting designing web pages planning and research are required. Once you collect all the information, then the next process involves maintaining content and organize content.

Now it depends on you that you directly start web page designing or page designing with HTML & CSS or by using the Photoshop software. During the training, we start with Photoshop where you first create a web template for your reference. Then for same web template HTML & CSS coding starts.

When designing of all pages for a website completed, then testing starts i.e. whether all pages are compatible with all browsers or not.  Because nowadays lots of elements are used for the website but few of them not supported by some browsers. So finding such element’s which are not compatible with individual browsers and replacing with another one are main things for any design work.

Once you are perfect in general website then you will learn how to make a responsive website. Responsive in the sense means flexible grids, images, and media query etc. Then for functionality, we use JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Angular JS etc.; to apply more functionality in the website.