How Magento Can Bring In Success in the Field of IT Engineering?

How Magento Can Bring In Success in the Field of IT Engineering?

The benefits of undergoing summer training for engineering students specializing in Magento are countless especially if you are pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. If you're considering designing or redesigning an e-commerce website on your own, this short term summer training in Delhi is an excellent choice for you.
Many reasons make this training program necessary for you. It will boost  your career as an IT professional. Let’s discuss why this summer training for engineering students is beneficial.

  • Mobile-friendly configuration

Magento shopping carts are viewable on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Thus it makes sure that the consumers' shopping spree continues. From this, we can say that the carts are developed very responsively.

  • Huge Number of Users

About 240,000 business organizations are currently using Magento for their online transactions. In 2012, over 800,000 developers were there around the world from different countries. Since then the number has grown, providing the newcomers in this field with huge opportunities for business connections and a solid backbone of support.

  • SEO Friendly Platform

The platform has been developed keeping in mind the advantages of SEO, giving the items a superior opportunity to show up on Bing, Google, and all other web indexes. Magento works phenomenally opening the stream for improved organic traffic. There is sufficient room for custom SEO usage for the individuals who are talented to do the bunch.

  • Customized security permissions

Login screens are CAPTCHA-equipped, and a secondary password protects the sites from unwanted breaches. Users can modify numerous degrees of security consents to protect their sites.

  • Versatile CMS Platform

A visual-based page editorial manager permits the shop owners to alter their web-page features on the fly, making it more pleasant for those non-technical individuals who need to control essential functionalities inside the shopping cart. In this way, it becomes easy to use.

  • Magento is spacious and powerful

This platform can bolster up to 500,000 items on one site Additionally, Magento can deal with more than 80,000 requests every hour, which means lots of room for future development between more than one shopping carts on a similar site.

  • Up-sells and cross-sells features

Prompts can be included to browse related product categories and checkout pages effectively with the assistance of this platform.

  • Third-party Integration is Easier

This platform is progressively well known because it permits the shop owner to include Google Analytics and other third-party APIs to help in Data Analysis. Your e-commerce experience can be connected with Paypal, eBay, Mail Chimp, QuickBooks, Google shopping, and so on.

  • Search Filters are Efficient

Magento has an interesting search term which includes product reviews, product tag filters, recently searched items, and the capacity to arrange search with auto-proposed items.

  • Saves time and money

This platform makes the users able to save themselves the hassle of building from the scratch in most of the cases, as it is open-source which has been dealing with an expensive library of custom extensions developed by the worldwide community.


So, we see how Magento plays an important role in today's market of online shopping. This short term summer training in Delhi will surely provide your career with a huge uplift as the demand for e-commerce portals is on a rise.