6 Months / Weeks Industrial Training

Industrial Training Programs

The world of technology is getting competitive by each passing day. In order to sustain in this industry, it is extremely important for students and professionals to undergo an Industrial training program. Next G- Education, we have developed an extensive industrial training program from 6 weeks to 6 months for those who want to make their career in the field of technology.

We are known as one of the most trusted IT training institute in North Delhi offering different training programs suitable for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. The module of the industrial training program covers important concepts and software required in Web development, Web designing, Graphic designing, and architecture.

Industrial training at Next –G Education starts from 6 weeks and can be continued until 6 months depends upon the requirement and practice of the students. To match the competitiveness in the market, students are guided properly and prepared for their jobs and freelance projects for their better future ahead.

The module of the training program includes programming languages that are significant for web development such as PHP, Python, Magento, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many among others. In order to ensure better web and graphic designing, we also give training on graphic designing software – Adobe Photoshop. In addition, under architecture training, we provide in-depth knowledge and skills in learning AUTOCAD, REVIT and 3DS MAX.

Industrial training at Next – G Education is beneficial for students who are preparing to work in the corporate industry. It gives ample exposure to them which raises their self – confidence and makes them proficient with their skills. Moreover, it also enables students to polish their raw skills and perform well in their job.

With Next – G Education, anyone can join 6 weeks/months industrial training program who want to have prior work experience and enhance their practical knowledge.  To make the course easily accessible and suitable for all, we structure the program in a way that takes the career of the candidate in the right direction.