CS-IT Engineer

6 Weeks Industrial Training Program in 2019

In today’s age of ever-rising competition, it is a well-known fact that theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to develop the required skills and competencies to become job-ready. Industrial training bridges the gap between theoretical learning and implementation of the acquired knowledge which is very much needed in the corporate world. Furthermore, the program can not only benefit students but working professionals as well by strengthening their practical skills.

Industrial training refers to a program which aims to provide the students with supervised practical exposure in their respective fields within a clearly stated time period. It gives a significant boost to one's capability, capacity, performance as well as overall productivity. This six weeks industrial training program is specially designed and curated for CS/IT/EC/Civil/Mechanical Engineering students to foster learning and help them advance in their careers.

Nonetheless, there are a large number of institutes offering this program. Hence, it can be quite perplexing and difficult for students to select the right one. We at Next-G Education provide the best industrial training to our students and prepare them for the real world challenges so that they can stand out in the highly competitive atmosphere.

Why Next-G Education’s 6 Weeks Industrial Training Program?

Next-G Education’s industrial training program will help the students to develop a defined set of technical skills which will enable them to apply their knowledge in practical work situations. The program acquaints the students with the working atmosphere in the corporate world while uplifting their self-confidence and leadership ability so that they can efficaciously execute the task they are assigned. In addition to that, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us over other institutes.

Highly Experienced And Skilled Faculty: The faculty at Next-G Education is highly skilled and holds years of experience in the field of teaching. They employ effective teaching methods and techniques to make sure that each student is able to comprehend the concepts with ease. Furthermore, doubt sessions and practice tests take place on a regular basis to keep a check on the performance of the student.

Unlimited Practice Sessions: The industrial training program consists of unlimited practice sessions besides other facilities. Students get ample amount of time and opportunities make practical use of the theoretical knowledge they have learned over a period of time. The unlimited practice sessions help students make their groundwork strong while helping them to identify their weak areas and working upon them.

Professional Atmosphere: In this industrial training program, students get to learn and engage in the practical application of theoretical concepts in a very professional atmosphere. This not only prepares them for the tough competition in the industry but provides them with the experience of working in a corporate atmosphere so that they can perform efficiently when they get employed.

Certificate: Once the industrial training program has successfully completed, we provide our students with a valuable certificate which serves as a lifetime accomplishment and helps them secure a lucrative job in the corporate world.

Next-G Education is a leading premier institute which offers multitudes of professional courses at budget-friendly rates. This six-week program enhances the competency of students and encourages personality development along with the strengthening of basic concepts.

If you wish to enroll in this 6 weeks industrial training program and give a significant boost to your industrial skills, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as feasible because there are a limited number of seats and the batch commences soon. Our contact details are given below.