Civil-Mechanical Engineer

6 Weeks/Months Summer Training Program for CIVIL & Mechanical Engineering Students

Civil engineering refers to a professional engineering discipline that is concerned with the construction, design and various aspects of the physical and naturally built environment. It can consist of institutional buildings, railways, residences and much more. Whereas mechanical engineering deals with the use of machines and mechanical systems. Having specific software skills as well as on-site industry knowledge is necessary to realize how things actually work in the professional world.

In today’s age of science and technology, engineering is indeed one of the most revered professions. Nonetheless, the rising competition in the industry has made it really tough for engineering students to secure lucrative jobs. Through this job-oriented training program, we strive to make our students industry-ready so that they can effortlessly deal with the herculean challenges of the corporate world.

Moreover, this summer training program aims to strengthen concepts revolving around Autocad course, 3DS Max course, Autodesk Revit for architectural design and much more. It is not uncommon for students to get boggled as a large number of institutes can make it quite difficult to select the right one. We at Next-G Education aim to make our students understand the various concepts and learn in the most comprehensive way possible.

What are the advantages of signing up for the summer training program for civil & mechanical engineering students?

You can make the most productive use of your valuable time and strengthen your concepts by signing up for the summer training program for civil and mechanical engineering. In addition to that, here are some amazingly noteworthy features that set us apart from other institutes.

Expert Faculty: We are aware of the fact that an institute is nothing without its faculty. At Next-G Education, students get the opportunity to learn from well qualified and highly skilled teachers who have years of experience in the field. To track the progress and make sure that the concepts are easily understood by the students, our teachers employ efficacious methods and techniques to make the process of learning better.

Certificate Upon Completion: Once the students have successfully completed the summer training program, our institute rewards them with a certificate. Afterward, when they look for a job or apply for a specific position in the corporate, the certificate can prove to be very beneficial.

Competitive Environment: In order to make a name for oneself and succeed in the corporate world, it is imperative to adapt to a competitive environment. Students get to interact in a corporate atmosphere while understanding concepts and learning new things. The sense of competition present in such an environment makes the students strive and prepares them for the subsequent difficulties that they would face when they get employed.

Regular Practice Sessions: At Next-G Education, regular practice sessions are conducted for the benefit of the students. Besides practice sessions, tests and doubt classes are also held on a regular basis to keep a check on the performance of the students. This not only enhances the skills of the students but enables them to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use.

Besides being a prominent and notable educational hub, Next-G Education is undoubtedly an eminent and top-notch institute. We aim to provide quality education and train our students in the best way possible so that they can easily excel in the various spheres of life. If you wish to give a boost to your skills and enroll in this summer training program, you can go through the contact details mentioned below and get in touch with us as soon as feasible.