Kickstart Your Career with 1 Year Diploma Course in Web

Kickstart Your Career with 1 Year Diploma Course in Web

So, you have completed class XII and are still thinking what to do? Don’t want to spend another three to four years studying? Want to start earning soon? Well, if this is the case then we suggest you to pursue a 1 year diploma course in web. You can embark on a promising career after pursuing this course from a good institute.

Gain Knowledge about Various Aspects of Web Designing

Top web design institutes cover all the aspects of web designing in their 1 year diploma course in web. As you undergo this exclusive course you will learn different programming languages as well as advance tools to design website.

Training in HTML and CSS forms an essential part of this course. The course also educates the students about Bootstrap which is a must learn for the web designers in the current times. One cannot imagine designing a website without knowledge about Adobe Photoshop. You will learn about various tools used in this program such as you pursue 1 year diploma course in web. Raster and Vector, selection tool, image editing tools, brush tools, colour, create path, text, layer style, work mask, filter and 3D imaging  are among some of the Adobe Photoshop tools you will learn.

You will also be trained in Advanced Javascript. Under this topic, you will learn Javascript basics, Javascript functions, array, string, conditions, loops, objects, inheritance and more.

In addition to it, you will be trained to use JQuery and Angular JS. You will master the technique used in both these by the time you complete this course.

Learn Web Development

This course also trains the students to take on the work of a web or backend developer. It teaches PHP and MySql.PHP basics, PHP conditions, loops, PHP functions, PHP form, PHP array, string, PHP form and file upload, PHP session and cookies, MySQL database basics, normalization in database, PHP with MySQL, MySQL Joins, MySQL Import and Export are covered under the course.

Students are provided complete knowledge about Ajax and JSON. Besides, you will learn Codeigniter basics, Codeigniter setup and directory structure and Codeigniter session and cookies    

Installation and configuration of advance WordPress,  detail dashboard introduction, ways to manage visual and audio content, widget and plugins, web page optimization and content management is also taught.

Get an Overview about Digital Marketing

The course also trains the students with certain aspects of digital marketing. This includes HTML in SEO, phases in SEO, types of links in SEO, techniques of link building, On Page introduction, On Page checklist, site setup for SEO, tools in SEO,  Google algorithm, social media marketing strategy, Facebook page creation and marketing, Facebook ADS manager, campaign objective and more.

Knowledge about advanced AdWords is also imparted as a part of 1 yr diploma course in web. Under this, the students are taught about Google AdWords fundamentals, campaign types, location targeting, bidding, ads extensions, ad rotation, campaign urls, as group, audience targeting, demographics and more.

If you are looking for a quick way to learn all this, you can undergo a fast track program in the same. This will help you cover all the aforementioned topics in just about 6 months. A crash course in web will speed up the training further. This course can be completed in around 4 months itself. So, you can choose the duration depending upon the time you can spend. If you are already working as a web designer or web developer, you can join crash course to enhance your skills further. However, if you are just starting out, it is suggested to go for a regular 1 year diploma in web to understand the various aspects of this subject and kick start a career in this field.