Summer Training in jQuery to Boost Your Chances of Professional Growth

Summer Training in jQuery to Boost Your Chances of Professional Growth

jQuery, a JavaScript library known to ease HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, Ajax, CSS animation and event handling, is highly popular among web designers. It is being widely used since years and the trend doesn’t seem to die down anytime soon. Statistics reveal that the free open source software is being used by around 75% of the most popular websites across the internet. So, if you are a budding web designer you must learn to work with it to enhance your skill and create better websites. Short term courses in jQuery are available at top web design institutes. You can undergo one of these to upgrade your knowledge and design better sites. jQuery short term summer training in Delhi is also available. These training programs have specially been designed for engineering students and can be completed during their summer break.

Reasons for the Popularity of jQuery

We have already mentioned that jQuery is quite popular. Let us now see what makes it so popular:

  • Easy to Learn

The framework is quite easy to learn as well as intuitive. Web designers love it because of its short and simple codes and syntax. Web development summer training in Delhi specializing in jQuery is thus a good option. It can mostly be completed in just around 15 days and you do not feel any study burden by joining this course because it’s easy to learn. You just need to give an hour or so after your class everyday and you will grasp it well enough. You can relax and enjoy the rest of the time.

  • Simplifies Web Development

One of the best parts about learning this framework is that it empowers you to simplify common challenges faced in JavaScript. For instance, filtering and sorting arrays becomes quite easy when you know jQuery. It also facilitates working on the server side with nodes. In fact, jQuery simplifies the whole process of web designing.

  • Cost Effective and Less Timer Consuming

The JavaScript library proves to be quite cost-effective means to design websites. It also lessens the time and effort involved in designing web pages. No wonder, several big companies use it in their code.

The best part is that you can master it by undergoing short term summer training in Delhi.

  • Creating Animations Made Easy

You can create animations easily with jQuery if you have some knowledge about HTML and JavaScript. Not only creating animations is easy with this framework but it is also quite affordable. So, if you are finding it hard to learn this technique on Flash or just cannot spend so much for the same then it is a good idea to turn to this free open source software.

  • Faster Page Loads

Since, the jQuery codes are light and crisp, it aids in loading the pages faster. This offers numerous benefits. Among the key advantages are that fast page uploads offer a great browsing experience and the fact that search engines give preference to such sites. So, you can create sites that have the capacity to rank high in search engine rankings and gain popularity if you know how to work with this software.

To conclude, we can say that jQuery is a light on pocket and is easy to learn. It supports the creation of SEO friendly sites and enables easy creation of high-quality animations. If you are planning to join a course during these vacations then we suggest you to go for web development summer training in Delhi specialising in jQuery.