Top 20 SEO Interview Questions

Top 20 SEO Interview Questions

Top 20 SEO Interview Questions

1. what is SEO?

Ans: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that the method of up the visibility of a website on organic (‘natural’ or Un-paid) program result pages (SERPs). This can be accomplished through implementation of program friendly Website, Design optimized internal navigation and link landscape, in addition as optimization of the content (comprised, at a minimum, of readability & usability enhancements, and grammatical corrections). SEO is the maximum amount art because it is science, however at its core it’s the discipline of creating easy content comprehendible and simply light for search engines.

2 what is SERP?

Ans: SERPs, You can say that Search Engine Result Page, could be a website that displays a listening of results came back by Search Engine Supported a specific search question that a user has entered for instance, if you sort the Search question, “Dog Coaching tips” into a Search engine, like Google, Bing or Yahoo, the page that you simply area unit taken to once submitting your question is termed the Search Engine Result Page a lot of on SERPs is read on our Blog.

3 what are primary search engines?

Ans: A Primary Search Engine is that the kind you think that of most frequently once search engines return to mind. For instance, Yahoo!, Google, and MSN are primary (also known as major) Search Engines. Primary search engines can generate the bulk of the traffic to your web-site, and as such are going to be the primary focus of your SEO efforts. Every primary search engine differs slightly from the other. For example- Lycos has been around for much longer than Google, However Google is that the hottest search engine on the web. Why is that? Possibly as a result of folks notice that, once looking the net, Google provides higher search results.

4. what are major checklists for On Page Optimization?

Ans: Search Engine Optimization has continually been an important part to your selling strategy, however typically it’s not thought of as being a priority once making new landing pages. Sure, you would like to maximize conversions (and don’t get us wrong, conversation optimization matters too), however at the top of the day you would like your content to be found so as to convert.

When making new pages- or trying to enhance existing ones-contemplate this On-page SEO list, which might assist you boost the SEO effectiveness of your web-site while not impacting the power of your pages to convert. All in all, it’s a win and it’s well definitely worth the Time.

The Important checklist for ON-Page Optimization are:

  • URL Optimization
  • Tittle Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Description
  • Keyword
  • Author
  • Robot
  • ALT Text
  • HTML tags
  • Internal Linking strategy
  • Content Optimization
  • Canonical issue
  • Site maps
  • Favicon
  • Robots txt. File
  • 301 and 302 redirects
  • HTML validation
  • Broken link management
  • Usability and accessibility

5. what are major checklists for Off Page Optimization?

Ans: Off-Page Optimization is outlined because the technique that help the web-site to enhance its ranking on the Search engine result page (SERPs). These major factors functions outside the barrier of the web pages. These ranking factors don’t seem to be directly controlled by the publisher. Off-Page optimization primarily deals in link building for SEO.

Off-Page SEO could be a future and time intense method it includes getting backlinks to your webpage from the authority sites, social media and social bookmarking. Off- Page factors add the background to enhance the search rankings.

The Major Checklist for Off-Page Optimization are:

  • Local Listening
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Image Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Web 2.0
  • Profile creation sites
  • PPT submission
  • Question and answer sites
  • Guest blogging
  • Comment linking
  • Competitor back-linking
  • Broken link building
  • (.edu and .gov) Back-linking

6. what is difference between White hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

Ans: Black Hat SEO- Black Hat SEO refers to techniques and strategies accustomed get higher search rankings, and breaking program rules. Black hat SEO focuses on solely search engines and not most somebody’s audience. Black hat SEO if often utilized by people who are searching for a fast come on their website, instead of a semi-permanent investment on their website. Some techniques utilized in black hat SEO include Keyword Stuffing, Link Framing, Hidden Texts, Links, and diary content spamming. Consequences of black hat SEO will presumably end in your website being illegal from an enquiry engine and se-indexed as a penalty for exploitation unethical techniques.

White Hat SEO- White Hat SEO refers to the utilization of techniques and strategies that concentrate on an individual’s audience critical a search engine techniques that area unit usually employed in white Hat SEO embrace Victimization Keywords, and Keyword Analysis, Doing Analysis, revising Meta Tags so as for them to be a lot of relevant, Back-Linking, Link Building yet as writing content for human readers. Those that use White Hat SEO expect to form a long investment on their website, because the results last an extended time.

7.  what are 5 strategies of black hat SEO?

Ans: There are following Strategies of Black Hat SEO are:

  1. Article Spinning: Article spinning could be a technique almost like the duplicate content issue (above) and is frequently obtaining additional standard. This is often next level plagiarism and it involves mistreatment special software that takes the traced supply and rephrases it for later use as a “new”, “unique” post. Modification with efficiency cuts down the chance of being detected by any plagiarism tool.
  2. Cloaking: What happens once you insert the term “Cloaking” into the Google Search bar? You may be a Google information result that initial explains “cloaking” as a Search Engine technique that presents fully completely different content or URL ( Uniform Resource Locator) to the user than to the program Spider. In fact, this SEO technique is taken into account deceptive as a result of it tricks search engines so as to urge the required ranks for target keywords. Moreover, it’s a violation of Google Webmaster Tips as a result of, in most cases, it serves individuals with impertinent results.
  3. Doorway Pages: In alternative words, entranceway pages, jump pages or bridge pages that area unit specially optimized for targeted keywords and designed to rank high for explicit queries. These landing pages have little or no worth and area unit only won’t to trick the search engines and transfer a traveler from a selected result to a different, unrelated destination.
  4. Paid Links: Buying links for SEO has some plain benefits for the client, first of all, it is easy. Once a dealing is completed, there’s no got to hassle with the standard of the content. Secondly, the anchor text, a powerful Google ranking issue, in additionally chosen consistent with customer’s preferences. These are second reasons to enough to effectively manipulate program rankings that is why this SEO techniques is assessed as a significant black hat.
  5. Keyword Stuffing: This well-known Black Hat SEO techniques is not any longer as applicable because it accustomed be within the past. Now, Search Engines are too good to urge dodged with this straight forward trick.

By Definition, keyword stuffing involves overusing constant keywords throughout one page so as to maximize its visibility and organic traffic. Content filled with keywords doesn’t look natural and since of this, it’s not easy. Position’s Web-site improvement grader will observe keyword stuffing on your page and warn you concerning its consequences. Strive it now!

8. what to avoid in SEO?

Ans: There are some common SEO mistake that are robust to avoid. Testing optimization approaches is additionally troublesome as a result of you can’t verify your ways in period since search engine’s rules have become onerous to predict are as follows:

  1. Choosing the wrong Keywords
  2. Using keyword stuffing
  3. Generate content that’s not about your keywords
  4. Missing Quality Links
  5. Not using Duplicate content
  6. Black Hat SEO
  7. Forgetting about Analytics
  8. Skipping tittle Tags & Meta Description
  9. Publishing Non-Original Content
  10. Presenting various sites.

9. which one is best technique to apply when we change existing Url to new Url?

Ans: There are many reasons to redirect a URL and many basic ways that to approach it. For a Website that already contains a lot of traffic and smart program results however has to modification domain addresses, a redirect may be a sensible choice for the transition amount your traffic still goes to the previous domain however is then mechanically redirected to the new one. In time, as search engines update their databases, the new domain can devour its own search results. A redirect also can cause many totally different URL to be directed to one website and may shorten advanced URL addresses. Strategies for the way to Re-direct a URL depend upon what code your website is written in and on what proportion confidence and skill you’ve got with writing that code.

10. Importance of Sitemap in SEO?

Ans: A sitemap is outlined as an easy directory or guide that holds besides other details on sites that are contained on a website, additionally to the content on these pages. Search engine can do their job in crawl a sitemap to search out and determine all info that’s applicable to a particular search question that has been performed. The page at intervals the directory are listed in an exceedingly logical hierarchic order, wherever the foremost relevant pages are listed at the highest, and also the least relevant pages are listed at the highest, and also the least relevant pages placed nearer to all-time low.

There are following types of Sitemaps in SEO:

  • XML Sitemaps
  • HTML Sitemaps
  • ROR Sitemaps
  • TXT Sitemaps

These days, search engine optimization isn’t enough for a website to rank in search engines and earn nice visibility on-line. The competition between website is fierce, with all of them doing their best to rank as high as attainable in search engines and gain additional visibility. This has delivered to lightweight the employment of website maps with SEO used along to Rank higher at intervals search engines.

It is best follow once using a single XML sitemaps that it’s updated a minimum of only once per day if the website changes that always. Then, you may need to ping Google to method these changes so they’re accurately mirrored at intervals the search results pages. One tip is place as several URLs in every XML sitemap, and this makes it onerous for Google to transfer all of the individual sitemaps in a very time that’s reasonable – in essence, it slows down site doesn’t lag whereas you’re making attempt your best to say it optimized.

11. what you meant by robots.txt. Explain in Details?

Ans: Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct web robots (typically search engine robots) the way to crawl pages on their web site.

It determines if and once the search engine crawlers will visit a website’s subpages and embrace them in their index. In doing this, bound subpages will be excluded from the search results.

For example: by using robots.txt files you'll be able to keep a website’s archives from being enclosed within the search results. Some search engines but like better to ignore the robots.txt files. If a subpage has to be extremely hidden from search then engines it should be password protected.

12. what you meant by broken links in SEO and how can we resolve it?

Ans: Firstly, what is broken link? Broken link are links that send a message to its guests that the web-page no longer exists, triggering the 404 error page. It is very important part in SEO.

There are two types of broken link: Internal Link and External Link

That is the most important thing in SEO how can we resolve it:

  • Broken links are roadblocks within the conversion method. Regardless of what proportion time you’ve got spent in obtaining customers to your website. If they can’t get to the conversion page, all of your SEO efforts are a waste.
  • When you have unhappy guests on your website, every of them can leave your website, leading to the Next Bounce Rate. Once search engines see the high bounce rate on your page, it’ll raise a red flag on your page. Also the entire website can appear unsuitable to the search engines.

13. Explain types of links of SEO?

Ans: There are three types of Links of SEO are:

  1. Inbound Links/ Incoming Link: Inbound links are defined as links found elsewhere on the internet that direct users to your site only.
  2. Outbound Link/ External Link: Outbound links are links your pages that reference pages on a website aside from your own. Outward Bound links will have a positive and negative impact on your rankings reckoning on the site (webpage) you’re linking to and conjointly to some extent on however there are enforced on your website.
  3. Internal Link: An internal link is a hyper link that when selected directs you to a new page or area, of the same website or domain.

14. what is difference between article and blogs in SEO terms?

Ans: The distinction between Articles & Blogs are:

Although there’s technically a distinction between writing an article and writing a blog, Understand that these lines are usually crosses by people who aren’t totally attentive to these differences.

ARTICLES:  1. Articles will vary greatly in their length, sometimes consisting of anyplace between 500 and 2000 (or more) words.

  1. Articles are usually meant to tell and are additional formal in their construction.
  2. Articles are elaborated, informative, and fact-based.

BLOGS: 1. Blogs are shorter and are sometimes 200 to 500 words long.

  1. Blogs are a lot of casual and provide an excellent way to in person connect with website readers.
  2. Blogs offer a personal, within purpose of read.
  3. Blogs are (Expected to be) updated a lot of oftentimes than articles.

Q.1 5 what you understand by Link Juice in SEO?

Ans: Link Juice is that the term used in the SEO world to visit the worth or equity passed from one page or website to a different. This value is passed through hyperlink. Search engines see links as votes by alternative websites that your page is effective and value promoting.

16. what are major Google Algorithm Updates and their effects?

Ans: Search Engine have come back a protracted means. At the onset, ranking higher in search engines wasn’t a going –up assigned. More exactly, gracing high Google pages solely needed an enterpriser to stuff content with keywords and add multiple links. Within the recent years, however, various changes are evident. With the recent Google rule updates, SEO entrepreneurs are spending sleepless nights on the most effective means doable of beating the tight search engines race.

There are some Google Algorithm Updates are:

  1. Google Panda Updates
  2. Google Penguin Updates
  3. Hummingbirds Updates
  4. Pigeon Updates
  5. Removal of Google Authorship
  6. Mobile-friendly Google Updates
  7. Rank Brain Updates

17. what is difference between Alexa and Page Rank ?

Ans: Page Rank and Alexa Rank each helps to evaluate a website quality. But, several people get confused between these two ranking parameters. So, let’s see what are the variations in Google Page ranking and Alexa Rank and the way will we improve them.

Page Rank: Page Rank of a web-site varies from 0 to 10. It depends on the backlinks of a website. Therefore, if you wish to possess high page rank then get a lot of backlinks for your web-site. Higher the Page Rank, Most supposed is your website. For example:

Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank of a website depends on the online traffic on website. It means, if your website has a lot of visitors then the Alexa Rank of your website are going to be low. It should vary from one to 30 million (as of 2013). For example Google, You tube, Facebook, yahoo, Baidu.

18. explain some important tools of SEO?

Ans: There are some important tools of SEO are as follows:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Webmaster tool
  3. Google keyword planner
  4. XML Site maps
  5. Google review business link Generator
  6. Txt Generator
  7. Moz Link Explorer
  8. Google page speed insights
  9. Google Trends
  10. SEO web page analyzer

19. what is difference between Google analytics and webmasters?

Ans: Difference between Google analytics and webmasters are:

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Google Analytics is one of the foremost widely used web analytics applications. It’ll provide you with the subsequent information.

  1. Visitors Support
  2. Web Traffic Reports
  3. Content
  4. Conversions

WEBMASTERS: Google webmaster tool reveals however Google appearance your website online. Webmasters use this tool to repair issue with the location if any. It offers heap of tools for webmasters with that one will improve the visibility of the location and fix issue if any. It’ll provide you with the subsequent info.

  1. Crawl Error
  2. Search queries
  3. Links
  4. Blocked URLs
  5. Malware
  6. HTML errors
  7. Fetch on Google

20. What are ADS Extensions in Google Ad words?

Ans: While the name nearly offers it away, Ad Words and Extensions are “Additional Bonuses”. You’ll be able to boost your text ad to own it take up additional real estate area on the Google Search engine page (SERP-Search engine result page).

Whether that be calling you directly from the ad, reaching to a particular URL on your website. Also checking your review, downloading your app, finding your address, or more ad extensions facilitate not solely your guests with a lot of information, however they conjointly assist you with the following:

  • can increase your click-through- rate
  • can increase your quality score
  • can increase your average ad positions
  • can sales back your cost per click (CPC)

Importance ADS Extensions are:

  • Site link Extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
  • Message extensions
  • App extensions
  • Promotion extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Price extensions