10 Secret Techniques to Rank New Website in SERP

10 Secret Techniques to Rank New Website in SERP

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As we know nowadays almost every peoples using the internet, and it's a big opportunity for every businessman to get high conversions towards his/her business. Day by day Improving digital terms in peoples towards internet and social media have created a better opportunity to do business, blog, video, article, news portal. Education, travel, online and get more and more traffic, views, likes,  popularity, business etc.

For anything, we need a website for online promotion, because our first step starts towards the website. For this we can create a website as per our requirements using any languages and CMS. It's a no matter in Which language and CMS, you have created a website. If you are developing your website after keeping some important point in mind, then you can rank your website easily on different search engines likes; google, yahoo, bing, duck duck go, Baidu etc. and you can promote further in any location and country even across worldwide.

As per our, I will guide you to target most popular search engine named as Google so that you can get more output within a few months. Because Google is one of the top search engines among more than 500+ search engines. Almost 90% of peoples used Google to search any types of services, business, offers, videos, document, news portal, job portal, educational institutes etc.

Here, I am going to discuss some secrets, applying this you can rank your newly website on search engine :

Top 10 Secerts Checklists to Rank Newly website on SERP:

1. Buy Relevant Domain

Domain name for any business is an important part, but peoples always confused during purchasing domain name. Here, I am going to discuss, which type of domain can be beneficial for any types of business. Generally there are three types of domain
a. Catchy domain domain
b. SEO friendly
c. Random domain
Now a question comes through the mind, i.e., which types of domain I or You purchase. So Generally it's a very tough to find SEO friendly domain at this time, because lots of similar people have purchased domain earlier to promote their business already. SEO friendly url means webdevelopmentinstitute.com and tutorialspoint etc. These domains are SEO friendly, or we can say that a keywords that searches on google directly like: web design institute, toursandtravels, cab booking, engineering course etc. So if you find SEO friendly domain, it's a great for you. Otherwise, you can for for another type of catchy domain like: flicker or amazon, Ola, uber, swing, zomato etc. It's means your business or domain name must be short (preferable 6-7 chars), which cab be remembered easily to the customers or clients. So I will suggest to buy catchy domain or SEO friendly domain, In case you are not getting so friendly or catchy domain you can purchase a random domain.

Here, Some useful domain extension, I have mentioned, You can select an extension as per your choice.

.com ->  .com is short for commercial
.edu -> .edu is short for  educational institutions
.net -> .net is short for  network
.gov -> .gov is short for  government work
.org -> .org is short fororganization
.UK ->  United Kingdom
.biz ->  Businesses
.info ->  Informational Sites
.mobi -> Mobile Uses
.name ->  Individuals
.travel -> Travel Industry


2. Create Quality Content

In SEO, Content treated as King. Putting high quality content in the inital during developing website will give you big benefit all times to rank in serp. Always keep in mind to put at least 250 Words content on each page of the website. Then you have to insert proper relevant heading, keywords within the content for proper indexing. During insertion of content within the page always check keyword density within the total content. Always try to put 1-3% keyword density.

3. Create Quality Images and Videos

High quality images also improve website quality and play an important role to rank a website in SERP (Search Engine Page). Try to insert quality image within the pages, so that more and more user involve within the page. Apart from this we can also insert, high quality videos within the page so that users can watch and stay on website more time. Insertion of images and videos engage peoples to the website pages and its improves bounce rate of website.

4. Create SEO Friendely URL
URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is an important part of SEO, which roles to rank a website in SERP are high. Always keep in mind to create an SEO friendly url for all different pages of the website. There are some points which we have to keep in mind during creation of pages. Points are:
  • Always separate url with -Ex: https://www.nextgeducation.com/best-web-design-courses-institute
  • Use Important Keyword in url
  • If you are going to change the existing url to new one use 301 rediraction always
  • Keep url length short
  • Use modifiers if possible ex: top, best, cheap, offers, discount
  • Avoid stopping words in url Ex. Is,...

5. Create SEO Friendly Title

  • Title length will be 53 Characters without spaces.
  • Title must be separated with Pipeline (|) or Dash (-)
  • Use Important Keywords in Title Section
  • Title always will be with title tag and in Head Section Ex: : Web Design Institute
  • The title will be unique for each page.
  • Use modifiers like: top, best, cheap, free, offers etc in title.
  • Title always will be relevant according to the page.
  • Avoid stopping word in the title

6. Create Sitemap

7. Create Robots.txt File

 Robots.txt file helps us to index or re index websites for different search engines.

8. Submit Website on Webmaster
Once on-page optimization done. Just go to google and create an account at google.com/webmasters. Then submit your website here then submit the sitemap.

9. Create Social Pages

10. Create Post Blogs