Fast Track & Crash Courses in Web Development

Web Development Fast Track & Crash Courses

Learn to create cutting edge websites with Next – G Education, one of the most trusted web development institutes in Delhi that offers a wide array of professional Web development courses in fast track mode. Now, you don’t have to take up yearlong courses for learning web development. Instead, you can get yourself enrolled with us and become an expert web developer in the duration as short as 10 days to 6 months.

In India, most of the companies are hiring their in- house web developers for building state- of – the- art applications. Thus, to fulfil this burgeoning demand of the industry, we have started offering our regular Web development courses in fast track mode. Now, students can complete any expert or certificate course within a shorter period of time and attain rich learning experience with more emphasis on practical sessions.

Next – G Education possesses a brilliant approach for imparting the professional web development techniques in the fast track mode. This makes it easier for the students to grasp the knowledge quickly and polish their practical skills faster. It also guarantees the students to become familiar with the latest tools and programming languages to develop highly professional websites and applications. In addition, we provide training for all courses in the classroom as well as online mode for students’ convenience. 

If you want to quickly step into this extremely popular industry, then join our web development course in fast track mode. Whether you are a working professional or a student looking to enhance your career with lucrative salary packages, you can join our fast track web development courses and become a certified web developer in the industry. 

Fast Track Courses & Crash Courses in Web Development

CourseTrainingFastrackCrash CourseCourse DetailApply
WEB EXPERT  Classroom | Online 6 Months 3 Months View Enquiry
WEB EXPERT PREMIUM  Classroom | Online 4 Months 2 Months View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 3 Months 45 Days View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 3 Months 45 Days View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 3 Months 45 Days View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 45 Days 1 Month View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 15 Days 10 Days View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 2 Months 1 Month View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 15 Days 10 Days View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 45 Days 1 Month View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 15 Days 10 Days View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 7 Days 4 Days View Enquiry


Classroom | Online 15 Days 10 Days View Enquiry

Pros of the course/course benefits

1. The web development courses in fast track mode are useful and time saving for students who want to become expert web developers in quick time. For instance, the course that takes about 12 months for students to attain web development skills can be completed in just half or even lesser duration.

2. Each web development course is offered in both classroom and online training mode. It helps the students in completing the course not only in lesser duration but also gives the flexibility to acquire expert skills while sitting anywhere in the world.

3. In all fast track courses, we make sure that each topic is covered thoroughly, the same as the regular course. The complete course content and practical sessions are covered to ensure value-based education.

4. These courses help the students in improving their professional programming skills and attaining proficiency to match the industry standards.

5. As part of all web development and web designing courses, we also provide free domain and hosting to work on a practical web development project at the end of the course.

Career prospects

Fast track web development courses offered by Next – G Education are based on the newest technology tools that are required by the industry today. These courses set the foundation for building a career in web development by giving hands-on experience to the students.

After the completion, students can choose to become:

i. A Professional Web developer by mastering over the programming languages

ii. Front – End Developer, HTML and CSS expert, JavaScript, C language programmer, Angular JS or JQuery expert

iii. Back – End Developer, PHP & MySql, Wordpress and CodeIgniter expert

iv. Digital marketer, expert of SEO, SMO, and Adwords.