5 Best Career Options after Learning Digital Marketing

5 Best Career Options after Learning Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is getting extremely popular by each passing year. New trends and techniques are being introduced to help businesses flourish. More and more companies are establishing themselves in the online space. This calls for great professionals in the field who can take the company’s growth on the next level.

In the past few years, digital marketing has attracted a huge number of students to pursue it as their career. It is emerging at a faster pace and there is a vast scope of career in this particular industry. Being one of the most progressive fields in today’s scenario, it is creating a good number of jobs for students to keep their career growth.  

Digital marketing covers various important aspects that every student must learn. It opens the door to many career opportunities with highly lucrative packages.

We have compiled a list of 5 career options that any student can pursue after completing their digital marketing course. Let’s get into their details:

SEO Expert

Nowadays, the digital marketing industry has a huge hype about Search Engine Optimization. An SEO expert or specialist possesses a complete set of knowledge to improve the ranking of a particular website. They work on formulating strategies that can help in showcasing the website on the first page of prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Search Engine Optimization works on very strong algorithms. To ensure effective digital marketing, an SEO expert requires having immense knowledge about it. The industry pays SEO experts very well which ensure career growth and financial stability in the long run. However, they need to be completely aware of the complex metrics and algorithms that exist and newly introduced by the search engines.

SMM  Expert

SMM is simply social media marketing that involves the promotion of a brand or its products on social media platforms. The one who masters the technique of SMM is called as an SMM expert. It involves communicating with the target audience to increase brand awareness, its sales and drive traffic on the brand’s website.

There is a huge demand for SMM experts in the digital marketing industry. They create highly engaging content on social media platforms and evaluate the results in regular intervals of time. This also involves running paid advertisements whenever required that brings immediate results for a brand. The major platforms on which an SMM expert works are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Content Strategist

Content is the most crucial part of digital marketing. It evokes conversations, engages the target audience and results in sales conversion. The job of a content strategist is mind boggling. They have to create strategies and content that is in synchronisation with the brand’s objectives and message. Working on the content for a website, blogs and social media channels is part of their everyday job.

A content strategist does not get paid only for impeccable writing skills but also for their excellent communication skills, marketing approach and strategic mind. They must have the knowledge of how a business must get benefit from everyday content marketing efforts in future. This helps in generating successful brand stories and attracting loyal customers.

PPC  Specialist

PPC, also called Pay per click requires thorough research and management to attain the objectives of the digital marketing campaign. Every brand allocates specific budget for running PPC campaigns. To manage, implement and review these campaigns – a PPC specialist monitors daily account activity for an effective digital marketing strategy.

A PPC specialist conducts keywords research, tracks impressions, tracks daily budget cap and analyse other important metrics. Staying up to date with the industry’s key trends and developments is another crucial part of a PPC specialist’s job.

Digital Marketing Manager

As the title suggests, a Digital marketing Manager looks after the complete digital marketing operations of a brand. It requires planning, strategising and executing the marketing campaigns with the team that ensures brand success.

A Digital marketing manager is a mid to senior level job. It involves in-depth knowledge of each and every promotional technique that can fulfil the brand’s objective. It is a result driven job as it requires responsibility for fetching customers and sales through digital media.