5 most common video editing mistakes to avoid

5 most common video editing mistakes to avoid

Video editing is truly an art. It requires hours and days of continuous practice to learn the technique of creating a seamless film which can effectively impact the target audience. There is amazing software available in the market such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Filmora, Edius, etc. that open more doors for editors to innovate.

However, working on a video editing project can be really daunting. While working on the clips, editors often tend to identify the mistakes that he/ she are making. It only comes into the picture when the clip is being played for review. Thus, it becomes even more difficult to rework on the clips and bring the best output.

Here are the most common mistakes that every professional must avoid in order to save time and enhance the final output.

Shortcut keys

Video editing is more like multitasking. It needs to be quick with the right way of modifying the clips. Most of the professionals usually don’t develop the habit of using shortcut keys. But knowing the shortcuts can make their take really fast with the right pace. Using them in the combination can save them a huge number of hours and frustration of performing each action through the mouse.

In fact, Adobe Premiere Pro provides a complete list of shortcut keys to make the editor’s workflow easier and time-efficient. Thus, they need to avoid this mistake which can cost them hours of their time.

Right titles and fonts

Whether you are editing a corporate film or a music video, the titles and fonts play a major role in the outlook of the project. They are extremely crucial when it comes to communicating with the audience. They have the tendency to entice the audience as well as distract them from your project.

Not placing the title on the correct space can make the audience skip important information. In addition, selecting the right font as per the genre of the video also makes a huge difference.

Colour correction

Colour correction is one of the most pivotal parts of video editing. It brings uniformity to each clip while giving a high-end cinematic look. They bring consistency to the project and hold equal importance like other actions. Many editors lose details of the video while making color corrections. They make it so simple that works as a touch which does not bring out major change in the project. Thus, this mistake needs to be avoided to enhance the colors of the video.

Audio mixing and blending

Audio is a major component in video editing that needs special attention. Many professionals lose their focus on the audio and create a mess in blending. One track overpowering the dialogue or another track is a very common mistake. Controlling and adjusting the audio properly brings harmony to the project. The film looks more synced and well developed when its audio works well.


There are several formats available for exporting. But, choosing the right format as per the purpose is important. Video editors often export the project incorrectly. For achieving high quality, rendering and exporting correctly is the absolute do-able action. Firstly, consider the channel where the project needs to be used such as YouTube, Commercial channel or website. Secondly, choose the right format and ratio to maintain work quality.