5 Most Preferred Jobs in the Web Development Industry

5 Most Preferred Jobs in the Web Development Industry

The Web Development industry is becoming a lucrative field for students passionate about coding. The websites that we scroll for checking a company’s information, shopping or ordering food are built by a professional web development team. From creating an innovative user interface to ensuring a user-friendly experience, they acquire highly payable jobs in the industry.

The web development industry is growing rapidly. New trends and more job opportunities are being created every day. Working in web development industry offers the most secure and constantly growing careers. Every business in today’s era of digitalisation requires a professional and innovative web developer.

Web development offers three major work profiles – Front – end, back – end and full stack developer. They are responsible for programming, linking, securing and managing user and server database whilst eliminating problematic bugs. They responsibly maintain adaptability and speed on the website.

Apart from the common job profiles, there are more options available to the aspiring candidates. We have listed down five best job options for students to choose right after completing their web development course:

Front- End developer

Front – end developer is the most popular job profile that students are obsessive about. They combine the art of designing a visually attractive webpage with strong programming skills. They work closely with back end team to ensure the project performs without any interruption.

The job of a front – developer is mainly associated with user-facing elements. They are responsible for planning and implementing the features that are shown to users for their easy browsing and navigation. Majorly, their responsibility works as a bridge between visual designing and technical / programming performance.

Becoming a front- end developer is not easy. One has to learn and practice coding in detail to make sure they create an innovative user interface. They have to be skilled with HTML, CSS with an in-depth understanding of JavaScript and its important frameworks.

Back – End developer

back – end developer is responsible for working on the back end functions i.e. on the server side concerns. Their primary role is to manage the data between server and users. In simple terms, they make the website or an application works seamlessly without affecting the user interface.

Back – end developers integrate the work of the front- end team with server-side logic. They optimise the website while maintaining its speed and scalability. In addition, the most important part i.e. ensuring data security is also handled by them. To grab the best job opportunity, they are required to have a basic understanding of JavaScript frameworks, HTML and CSS. Moreover, they should be through with managing the database and migration process for flawless performance.

Full Stack Developer

As the title suggests – Full stack developer is the one who takes care of back- end as well as front- end processes. To become proficient with full stack development, they need to understand several programming languages. They are responsible for developing the design and architecture of the website or application while ensuring responsiveness and user interaction.

full stack developer is one of the highly payable jobs available in the online media industry. However, they need to have a complete set of skills required for building a high- end web project. The industry has opened a number of opportunities for this particular job profile. They need to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as Python, Ruby PHP, .NET and many among others.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile applications are capturing a huge market share in online space. Almost every other company is bringing their mobile application version. This has created an ample number of job opportunities for mobile app developers in the industry.

mobile app developer essentially needs to possess skills to create applications compatible with different operating systems. They need to work on the dynamics and responsiveness of the application to make sure it gives an amazing user experience on different devices and screen sizes. They need to be excellent in programming, having an in-depth understanding of HTML, C++, Java, MySql, PHP and other frameworks. Their job duties include developing a source code that can develop high-performance applications.

UX Designer

A UX Designer is the one who ensures user-centric design. They add meaning to the webpage by researching and making it relevant to users. They work on three aspects – usability, functionality and branding. Their primary job responsibility is to integrate products that can provide a seamless user experience. The idea of making a design user-centric works on the fact that it must fulfil the needs of the specific target audience for better efficiency and engagement.

UX Designing is a multidisciplinary job. It requires working on designing elements, programming and creating an interactive design.