AngularJS Advance Course Online

Training Mode: Classroom and Online

Duration– 45 Days

Course Overview:

Introduction and Overview of AngularJS

Architecting AngularJS

  • Assembling the application
  • Coding with AngularJS controllers
  • Demystifying Angular internals

Constructing an Interactive User Interface

  • Applying directives to templates
  • Integrating forms with AngularJS
  • Validating form input

Designing a Polished User Interface

  • Working with images and links
  • Supporting internationalization and accessibility

Harnessing AngularJS Services

  • Navigating with the routing service
  • Connecting to external REST API data
  • Testing AngularJS functionality

Animating AngularJS Applications

  • Developing custom components
  • Creating custom directives

Career Options:

Single Page Application (SPA) UI Developer, Angularjs expert, Front End Developer

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