Attend Summer Training in jQuery for Better Job Prospects

Attend Summer Training in jQuery for Better Job Prospects

Are you are an undergraduate in computer science looking for an internship opportunity? In order to build a bright career in the field of information technology, summer training in Delhi for information technology is immensely important. You must know about the facts which make jQuery important for any student pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science.

Attending jQuery training is necessary for increasing your chances to attend web development internship in Delhi at one of the best organizations which can prove to be good for your career as a computer engineer. Internships are really important for the students in their undergrad days because they help students in so many aspects, such as, improving their project management skills, oral and written communications, direction, time, etc.

In the present competitive market, you should take your skills to the next level if you want to become a successful IT professional. Let us discuss elaborately the necessities of joining summer training in Delhi for information technology.

Importance of jQuery

jQuery is not a language, it is written in JavaScript code instead. One must know the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript to learn jQuery

The most important purpose of jQuery is to simplify the use of JavaScript on your website. It makes few things much simpler with an easy-to-use API which works across a multitude of browsers; to name them, there are animations, HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling and Ajax. jQuery has changed the way of writing JavaScript with its mind-blowing combination of extensibility and versatility.

With the introduction of jQuery, many complicated functions like DOM manipulation and AJAX calls have been eliminated. It has simplified the client-side scripting while designing the web pages.

Features of jQuery library

  • Effects and animations
  • AJAX
  • CSS manipulation
  • HTML event methods
  • HTML/DOM manipulation
  • Utilities

There are so many JavaScript libraries available among which jQuery is the most extendable one and hence it is very popular. It is a free and open-source JavaScript library that is used by web developers.

Reasons for the Popularity of jQuery

jQuery is compact and it enables the developer to achieve  critical UI functionality by writing  short codes, and thus it increases the overall productivity.

Let’s see how:

  • It helps to implement UI related critical functionality without writing hundreds and thousands of lines of codes.
  • It helps to develop most of the browser-compatible web pages.
  • It improves the application’s performance.
  • It is very fast.
  • jQuery is extensible. It can be extended to implement customized behavior.
  • Some other advantages of jQuery are:
  • You don’t need to learn new syntaxes to use jQuery. Knowing simple JavaScript syntax is enough.
  • The codes in it are way cleaner and very simple. You do not need to write codes lines after lines to achieve complex functionality.


From the points discussed above, we have come to know why having good knowledge of jQuery is important for budding IT professionals. These points make it clear that this summer training in Delhi for information technology is a must for all the undergrads pursuing computer engineering.