Basic Computer Classes for Kids

Basic Computer Classes for Kids

Learning Computer will be the added advantage for Kids in the upcoming generation. Nowadays almost every place computer is an essential part of every business as well as some personal work. So, the implementation of new technology among the peoples creates a huge influx of computer skills.

Keeping all, the point mentioned above, We at Next-G Education designed special courses for kids. Our courses are from 1 month to 12 months, where a kid improve their skills in computer. We start to teach computer from theory and step by step guide them to implement them in practice.  So, students start from basic and gradually enter into learning new skills in computer. Every class added new skills within the students.

Students will learn:

1) To work on computer

2)  To work on MS office, MS PPT, MS Excel

3) Create Social Media Accounts, Gmail ID’S, Net Banking ETC

4) Basic to advance concepts of Computer

5) Online Ticket booking

6) To pay electricity bill, Online mobile recharge etc

7) Secure Net banking