Best Android and iOS Development Training Institute in North Delhi

Best Android and iOS Development Training Institute in North Delhi

Android is the platform that powers millions and millions of mobile devices all around the world. The best Android mobile app development training in North Delhi will make you confident in developing various mobile applications, mobile games, apps, books, movies, music, and similar digital content. Transform your innovative mobile app idea into reality by enrolling to best Android Course.

Why Study Android and iOS Development?

OS is a hugely popular mobile operating system in the world. Android, iOS, and Windows are the most popular operating systems. Presently, iOS and Android have dominated the majority of the mobile industry. As per the recent Indian statistics, the two platforms account for around 97% of the entire market. This is why people are keen on learning iOS programming and app development. iOS and Android offer ample amount of opportunities who want to pursue a professional career in either of the fields.

  • Apple and Android devices are becoming more and more popular among people due to its flexible performance and value. So, it is needless to say that iOS and Android app development has a great scope in the market, which will increase drastically in the upcoming years.
  • It’s simple to learn iOS and Android app development within a few months if you have little bit knowledge of programming.

Why Join Android and iOS Courses from Next-G Education?.

During the course of Android mobile app development training, students will not only learn how to work in an Android Studio based development environment but also learn how to work with the exceptional Android OS architecture, GUI development, how to set up own applications in the Android marketplace. This advanced level training in Android will help you learn new development skills.

This course is best suited for individuals who want to become an iOS app developer starting from scratch by covering basic to advanced features. The course will be taught by industry experts and covering all important topics like introduction to Photoshop, XML, core Java, Android Architecture, Android Application architecture/framework, Android SDK Tools Overview, understanding data persistence, content providers and video capabilities, android app development and much more. Next, G Education is offering two courses in Android development:

Advanced Android Development Expert Course – 6 Months

Android Expert Premium Course – 4 Months

Android Expert Standard Course

Both courses are available in the classroom and online training mode.