Adobe After Effects Course Online

Training Mode: Classroom and Online

Duration – 45 Days in Regular | 1 Month in Fast Track

Adobe After Effect Introduction
Starting a project

  • Settings in After Effects
  • The Composition window
  • Using the Project window
  • Working with layers over time
  • Animating layers independently
  • Designing backgrounds from scratch
  • Applying effects to filters

Importing footage

  • Importing layers from Photoshop
  • Using Alpha channels
  • Looping video footage

Working with layers

  • Different layer masking
  • Variable mask feathering
  • Trimming and moving layers
  • Modifying layer time properties
  • Working with Shape layers

Working with text

  • Customizing text presets
  • Animating text
  • Using text layers

Working with key frames

  • Animating graphic elements
  • Precisely controlling animations

Parent/child relationships

  • Working with the z-axis
  • Trimming layers

Introduction to using mattes

  • Using color keys
  • Using the Roto Brush tool to create animated mattes
  • Using the Refine Edge tool for clean edges
  • Making a quick selection
  • Using paths in After Effects
  • Using adjustment layers
  • Using the Keylight keyerDay Two

Compiling your project

  • Optimising project settings
  • Rendering the composition

Filters and transitions

  • An in-depth look at After Effects filters including:
  • Levels
  • Creating drop shadows
  • Perspective filters
  • Using texturise
  • Bevelling edges of rectangular objects
  • The Unified Camera tool
  • Using the Comp window
  • Creating text effects
  • Animating text
  • An overview of working in 3D

More about key frames

  • Copying and pasting key frames
  • Key frame assistants
  • Time reverse key framing
  • Editing multiple key frames

Finalizing your project

  • Using the pen tool to edit the value graph
  • Controlling speed of change
  • Nesting complex compositions

Linear and Bezier interpolation

  • Using light wireframes
  • Importing a project from Premiere

Final rendering

  • Using caches to speed up your work
  • Creating custom rendering templates
  • Setting field rendering order

Saving work for film, video, mobile devices and the web
Final Project

Career Option

Text Animation

Motion Graphics

Video Editor

After Effects Expert 

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