Five Most Popular Front End Languages to Study during Summer Training 2020

Five Most Popular Front End Languages to Study during Summer Training 2020

Planning to study a popular front end language this summer but not sure which one to go for? Well, we are here to make the task easier for you.

Here are five popular front end languages that are worth studying:


This is the fifth major version of HTML. It functions on a number of browsers. The language is easy to read and understand by humans as well as computer systems. It allows easy web updates. You do not require any third party APIs or plug-ins with HTML5. Besides, it facilitates embedded videos thereby offering easy access to videos for users.

HTML 5 is compatible with multiple platforms including tablets, laptop, mobile phones and more. You can write a single code and implement it across platforms. There is no need to write a different code every time.


This is the latest version of the cascading style sheets language. It allows you to modify pre-built web templates to give them your own creative version. Redesigning is quite easy with this language. You can design visually appealing sites with its use. It helps you create vibrant and attractive page layouts, animations as well as typography. Even a dull business report can be made to look interesting with this language. Moreover, it facilitates plug-in free animations. So, you can create motion based content without browser plug-ins. It also enables the development of mobile responsive websites that are in high demand these days.


JS or JavaScript is a high level, multi-paradigm programming language. It forms one of the main technologies of the World Wide Web. If you are an aspiring developer then we suggest you study this one for sure. This is because it is the most widely used programming language. It is versatile and thus you will see it everywhere. Most of the websites around the world use this language. It also forms a vital part of web applications and facilitates building interactive web pages. It allows you to create visually appealing content that grabs attention.

Moreover, the language is easy to learn. It is thus a perfect choice particularly if you are just starting in this field.


This is a popular open source web application framework. It supports Single Page Applications (SPAs). It is used for building desktop, mobile as well as web applications. Many popular sites such as PayPal, Netflix, Freelance and Upwork have been developed using Angular. The demand for this framework is on a rise.

React JS

React JS is perfect for developing single page as well as mobile applications. It is particularly used for apps that involve heavy user interaction or have a complex structure. It is easy to understand and learn and is equally easy to use.  The JavaScript library comes with extensive tool set that offers tools compatible with various kinds of browsers. Besides, it offers code stability and the ease to reuse its components.

You may take up short summer training in any of these languages. If it interests you, you can go ahead and pursue advanced course in the same. Professionals with knowledge about any of these front end languages have a chance to get good work in the industry.