Importance of Posts, Pages and Categories in Wordpress

Importance of Posts, Pages and Categories in Wordpress

When we install WordPress on localhost or live, then first things appear Home, updates and third one is Posts on dashboard. In posts section we find All Posts, categories and Tags.

Let’s discuss about most important terms all posts, categories and tags.

Firstly, we discuss the term Add new tab. When we click on add new tab, we find post page.

But before posting any content, we must have to understand when we have to create post and when we have to create pages as well as categories.

A Post is term which elaborates any content in complete details.

Few important terms related posts

  • Post formally means blog
  • Any post describes about any topics in details
  • Withing the post we can insert content, images, videos, anchor tag, heading etc.
  • We can put single post in multiples categories.
  • A post includes a categories, tag and featured image.
  • Using post mostly blogging, news, press release websites are developed, in which within a category we find lots of posts or blogs.

Now if we discuss about category tab then within the category, then within the category section we can create lots of categories here. If we create category on prior basis then its automatically appears when we create the post.


A page is an important tab in WordPress. In general, in every website there exists pages likes, Home, about us, Services, Contact us. We create a page for informative, business, travel etc.

Few important terms related Pages

  • Pages are like Home, about us, Contact us
  • Pages includes most important information relates services and business
  • We can not assign page in category
  • We can not insert tag in page also