Important Topics Every Beginner PHP Developer should know

Important Topics Every Beginner PHP Developer should know

Beginner PHP developers are mostly confused about learning, where to start, and how to do practical projects. Here I am telling you a few topics that will help you become a web developer; by learning these topics step by step, you can build a dynamic website or understand how to develop a website, how PHP works, which topics for what. Here are the following topics :

1. Programming Basics: First, the developer should learn programming basics to understand what PHP does, how PHP works. There are the following programming basics every web developer should know :

1. Variables

2. Data Types

3. Operators

4. Condition

5. Loop

6. Array

7. Function

2. Include Functions in PHP: Second, the developer should learn to include the function of PHP, including the function of PHP when we want to reduce the repeated code of website example, header, footer, sidebar, or anything else which is repeated in multiple pages. Include functions of PHP are following : 

1. include()

2. include_once()

3. require()

4. require_once()

3. File Upload in PHP:  Third, the developer should learn the file upload functionality of PHP. File upload is mainly used in websites; for example: in the college admission form for documents upload, in the job application form for resume upload. So it is an important topic. This topic is categorized by following:

1. Single file upload: It is helpful to upload a single file; for example, upload resume, upload signature, etc.

2. Multiple file upload: It is useful when we want to upload more than one file; for example, there is a need to upload multiple images on an event website. That time multiple file upload will be a helpful feature to save time.

3. File upload with validation:  File upload with validation is mandatory to protect from spammers, or it is an interview question also. Example: upload only .doc extension file with less than 1MB Size. These types of validation are mostly seen on the website. So developers should know about it.

4. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete): 
Fourth, Developers should learn CRUD Operation of the database. It is the backbone of the database if the developer understands the concept of CRUD. Then it will be easy for a developer to learn other database topics and make a dynamic website. What is CRUD? The answer is; crud has four operations of the database

1. Create: create means how to insert data into the database.

2. Read: read means how to select data from the database.

3. Update: update means how to edit or update data of a database table.

4. Delete: As its name tells about itself, delete data from the database.

5. Mail Functionality of PHP: Fifth, the Developer should learn how to send mail in PHP. Mail has many types, such as

1. Simple Mail: Simple mail means only text mail like contact form inquiry.

2. Attachment Mail: Sometimes, there is a need to send an attachment on mail like a resume or other documents.

3. HTML Mail: Sometimes, there is a need to send HTML Template Based mail like order confirmation email, cancellation email, etc.

6. Session & Cookie Concept: Sixth, the Developer should learn PHP's session & cookie concept. It has advantageous features and is mainly used.

Session: It is commonly used in the login form to share user data on multiple pages session is used to share data on multiple pages for example: In login form after login, we show user id or user name on the dashboard or in multiple page registration form there is need to share some data on the second page, third page, etc.

Cookie: It is a critical topic for user experience. It is mainly used for digital marketing purposes like in eCommerce website Recent Products is an example of a cookie; How a website knows what a user has seen. It is the work of cookies. A cookie is nothing. A text file stores in the client browser using this digital marketing expert to track user activity.

7. Ajax & JSON: Seventh, developers should learn the ajax & JSON concept. It is an important feature; it is primarily used in web applications.

Ajax:  Ajax is used to send or retrieve data from a database without page reloading. Example: In Apply Coupon, In the search bar, etc.

JSON: JSON is used when we want to import or export data from other websites. It is beneficial to make an API or call an API. Example: message API, payment gateway, or custom API to share eCommerce products on the website and android app.