Mysql Interview Questions For Fresher


Q1.  What do you mean by database?

Q2. Advantages of using MySQL?

Q3. MySQL Data Types?

Q4. List Common used MySQL queries?

Q5. How to rename a table in MySQL?

Q6. How to add a column in the table in MySQL?

Q7. What is Index in MySQL?

Q8. How to order data alphabetically in MySQL?

Q9. Use of View in MySQL?

Q10. Triggers in MySQL?

Q11. Keys in MySQL?

Q12. Difference between Primary key and Unique key?

Q13. Types of relationships used in MySQL?

Q14. Collation type in MySQL?

Q15.  Difference Between the Like and REGEX operators?

Q16. How to sort data in MySQL?

Q17. How to Group data in MySQL?


I hope these questions will help the fresher developers to crack the interview, soon we will update the interview questions with answers on our website.