Php Interview Questions For Fresher


Q1.  PHP Advantages and  Disadvantages?

Q2. Use of PEAR in PHP?

Q3. List PHP7 Features?

Q4. What are SESSION and the use of SESSION in PHP?

Q5. Types of Array in PHP?

Q6. Array Functions in PHP?

Q7. String functions in PHP?

Q8. Include functions in PHP?

Q9. Form Validation in PHP?

Q10. Multiple File Upload in PHP?

Q11. PHPMailer in PHP?

Q12. Use of SESSION in PHP?

Q13. Use of Cookie in PHP?

Q14. How to send HTML email in PHP?

Q15.  Little Bit Knowledge of OOP Concepts & PDO in PHP?

Q16. Difference between unset session and session destroy?

Q17. File functions in PHP?

Q18. implode() and explode() in PHP?

Q19. Cookie Types in PHP?

Q20. How to connect to MySQL with PHP?

Q21. Superglobals in PHP?


I hope these questions will help the fresher developers to crack the interview, soon we will update the interview questions with answers on our website.