Join Advanced Dot Net Expert Course to Hone your Web Development Skills

Join Advanced Dot Net Expert Course to Hone your Web Development Skills

Dot Net is a popular software development platform. Developed by the software giant, Microsoft, this platform runs on Microsoft Windows OS. The tools and libraries in Dot Net are such that they facilitate the development of quick, easy and secure applications. This is the reason why it has gained so much popularity. If you are a web developer or are planning to get into this field then we suggest you to undergo an advanced course in Dot Net Expert from a reputed web development institute.

Need for Dot Net Platform

Dot Net Platform has been designed to create high quality websites that offer an enhanced browsing experience. Here is a look at all that this platform offers:

  • It facilitates integration of communication media including emails, faxes and telephones.
  • It enables the whole range of computing devices to work in harmony with each other.
  • It enables centralised data storage. This in turn increases efficiency and offers easy reach to information.
  • It boosts the websites’ interactive capacity by the use of XML.
  • It helps create reusable modules that increase productivity and decrease programming errors.

What Does Advanced Dot Net Expert Course Teach?

Advanced Dot Net expert training program trains the students to work efficiently on the Dot Net platform. It teaches the students to work with various Adobe Photoshop tools including healing brush tool, art history brush tool, clone stamp tool and selection tool. It also covers HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap under which you learn wire framing, UI and UX, web typography, web colour, web icons, web white spacing, web images, bootstrap grid system, bootstrap framework, HTML markup validation, HTML structure, CSS box model, CSS classes and IDs.

It also teaches C # under which the students learn installation of visual studio, introduction and creation of first C#, program built in data types, escape sequences, C # arrays, while loop, do while loop, input and output to console, for and foreach loop, C # OOPS concept, C # methods, method overloading in C # and C # windows form. The advanced Dot Net expert training program, of course, introduces the students to ASP.NET, its layout and configuration, form in ASP.NET, C # with SQL server database, display grid view, display images Indata list control form, search for filter data in grid view, add button and button click, event in datalist control, login, logout page using master page, session, SQL database, upload image in database and display image from database, upload video and display in grid view, insert data into database using stored procedure, perform calculation on grid view, calendar control in ASP.NET, C #, web page in ASP.NET. In addition to this, you also learn graphical user interface ADO.Net and SQL server.

Many institutes offer this course. However, not all of them train the students efficiently to handle this program well. You must look for a top web development institute to undergo this course. It is advised to do a thorough background check of the institute you plan to join. As a part of which you should read about the institute as much as you can, check reviews, get in touch with its alumni, check the course curriculum as well as the teaching methods. This small effort will help you identify a good web development institute to learn Dot Net.