Join Top Web Development Institute in Rohini to Master CodeIgniter

Join Top Web Development Institute in Rohini to Master CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter, created by EllisLab, is currently one of the most powerful PHP frameworks. It is loved by the developers and is widely used owing to the several benefits it offers. The most remarkable feature of this framework is its simple toolkit. So, to learn its use and apply it efficiently, it is suggested to undergo a course in CodeIgniter from a reputed web development institute Rohini.

Why Learn CodeIgniter?

Whether you are an established web developer or are just starting as one, you must pursue a course in CodeIgniter. Here is why:

  • CodeIgniter includes an easy-to-use toolkit to develop full-featured web applications.

  • The framework is reliable and lightweight.

  • It facilitates the rapid development of applications.

  • It is compatible with almost every web server, operating system, and platform.

  • CodeIgniter comes with impeccable libraries that connect to the database and boost different functions such as sending emails, uploading files, etc.

  • It helps in getting out of the errors quickly and easily.

  • The framework offers the easiest method to use modular programs.

  • It can be utilized for various relational database management systems.

  • Since CodeIgniter is widely used, you can get good support online if you get stuck somewhere while using this framework.

A Course in CodeIgniter

Top web development institute Rohini such as Next-G Education, offers short-term courses to master CodeIgniter. So, if this framework did not form a part of your web development course, you can learn it separately by pursuing one such short-term course. You can even pursue this course to brush up on your knowledge and utilize this framework better.

A short-term course in CodeIgniter clears the basic concepts about CodeIgniter. It trains the students to install CodeIgniter, find the model directory, create the model directory, use the model directory, and use the view file. You also learn to find the view directory, create the file in the view directory, use the controller file, find the controller directory, and create the controller directory. Aside from this, you learn to work on autoload files, config files, database files, routes files, cut header and footer, use header and footer on pages, and work with email, form, and file uploading.

As a part of this course, the students are also taught about the session, cookies, the way to set and remove cookies, database configuration, database connectivity, and the method to select, insert, delete and update data, filter data.

In addition to this, the students learn about Joins in CodeIgniter. This includes inner join, right join, left join, cross join and self join. CodeIgniter grouping data, CodeIgniter transaction, Import CSV to MySql, and export Mysql to CSV also form a part of this course.

The course can be completed in as few as 45 days. Top web development institute Rohini offers classroom sessions and online coaching to train the students in this subject. They even offer fast track and crash courses in CodeIgniter. These courses have especially been designed for those who cannot spare enough time to pursue this course and seek a quick solution to learn this framework. A fast-track course in CodeIgniter can be completed in around 15 days. On the other hand, a crash course takes even less time to complete. Its duration is merely ten days.

Though the fast track and crash courses can be completed in a few days, however, this does not mean any aspect of the course is left. The course content remains the same for all three types of courses.

So, now you know about CodeIgniter, its use, as well as the courses available to master this framework. Do let us know if you want any further information about this framework.