Laravel and CodeIgniter - Use Most Popular frameworks of PHP to develop website

Laravel and CodeIgniter - Use Most Popular frameworks of PHP to develop website

Looking to develop your website? Wondered what are the best frameworks that develop website? Use the most popular frameworks of PHP to develop any website using the most popular Laravel and CodeIgniter. Basing on the functionalities required for your website choose any one of the above wisely for your website development. Website development companies are more popular these days because every organization requires a website to be maintained and it is a reflection to the organization. Therefore, use these most powerful frameworks of PHP to develop website.

PHP was first developed in the year 1994, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages. It is Hypertext Preprocessor which is the most used scripting language. It is specially suited for web development. Web development is generally the work involved in developing a website for the internet.  Web development can be either ranging from developing a simple plain page of text to complex based internet applications. Company’s use web development for designing aspects of building websites.

After understanding the significance about the PHP frameworks choosing the right one is very important. There are several options that are very popular and are maintained very well that are established for web development projects.

Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive and an elegant syntax.  CodeIgniter is a proven open PHP website application framework. Everybody assumes website development should be quite enjoyable and a creative experience that. CodeIgniter and Laravel are a type of Frameworks category. Any website development company focuses on making common tasks that is used in maximum of web projects, like authentication, routing and caching.

Laravel was introduced in 2011, Developing website in Laravel is intended to develop a web application by using MVC patterned architecture which is used under MIT license. Laravel is a reliable PHP framework because it follows expressive and accurate rules of language. It offers a version system of control which helps with simplified management. Laravel has a modular packaging with dependence-based manager that has a power of great documentation. It also offers features like blade templating engine. Develop website in Laravel that allows you to enforce any limitations between many DBM objects. This helps you because it has a facility of using an advanced query builder mechanism.

Laravel has a feature of having easy integration withy any kind of third-party libraries and possess modular packaging. The quality session control is unmatched when you Develop website in Laravel.  Having the Built-in authentication mechanisms and caching mechanism is one best thing Laravel.

Website development is so important and vital for any company because it is the way that helps in building a platform for the company to possess any reach. The capabilities offered in it has better IO capabilities. Laravel has an amazing ORM and powerful query library. The framework has an auto-loading feature that helps in reducing the efforts of manual maintenance and other inclusion paths when website is developed in Laravel.

CodeIgniter PHP Website Development company offers a very powerful PHP framework which provides complete freedom for users because there will be no need to depend on any MVC development Pattern like Laravel. It also allows the third-party plugins that are used to implement many functionalities that are complicated too. The CodeIgniter PHP Website Development company is one of the best options for creating dynamic websites using PHP. The CodeIgniter community support is very active as it provides great support and immediate answers to it’s users by prescribing a clear and structured documentation with a simple routing method. CodeIgniter allows you to cache website, this is done in order to improve the performance and loading times.

It is a very simple, extremely light weigh t framework that can be used easily. It also has an inbuilt class support for sending a mail. For, any junior developers understanding it is very easy because of its simplicity.  Simple solutions for complex problems are obtained by CodeIgniter. It shows an excellent performance without any presence of large monolithic libraries. This, framework has an option of having URLs that are search engine friendly. Error logging, form and validation, File uploading class and Data encryption are some of the other features offered by CodeIgniter PHP Website Development company.

In detail the main differences between the Most Popular frameworks of PHP to develop website Laravel and CodeIgniter are that the database model of Laravel is object oriented while the CodeIgniter is relational object-oriented.  The program paradigm is object-oriented event driven functional and component oriented in Laravel and CodeIgniter respectively. Both the frameworks have explicit routing where-as, CodeIgniter has implicit in addition. Website development in Laravel allows developers to establish custom HTTPs routes, while CodeIgniter PHP Website Development company does not support HTTPs routes sufficiently. Many developers also found the issue related to PHP & platform in CodeIgniter application while it is not found in Laravel. CodeIgniter does not provide any built-in template engine and therefore, the programmers should integrate the framework with different robust template engines.

These include smarty to do the common tasks and also helps in boosting the overall performance of the web applications. Laravel do have a feature of inbuilt support template engine blade that helps in optimizing the websites performance with regard to enhancement in manipulating different views. There are many other features that the Laravel provides that can’t be provided by CodeIgniter like the name spaces, log management, HHVM support, ORM, Template Engine, Inbuilt CLI support, code generation etc.,

 By removing the time and effort to build any kind of generic components, dedicating time to tasks and functionality by focusing on sustainable and high-quality codes help you develop applications that are very easy. Both Website development in Laravel and CodeIgniter PHPWebsite Development company frameworks are powerful PHP frameworks. But comparingly Laravel has more features than the CodeIgniter. It is best to go for website development in Laravel when you need to develop your web applications and choose while CodeIgniter PHP Website Development company when your application needs to support interactions with different varieties of database.