Learn Fashion Designing With Advanced Graphic Design Course

Learn Fashion Designing With Advanced Graphic Design Course

Graphic designing and fashion designing are two distinct fields. However, with everything going online, fashion designers need to learn certain aspects of graphic design in order to handle their work more efficiently. In fact, having knowledge about certain graphic design tools and techniques has become a mandate for fashion designers. They cannot face the fierce competition in the fashion industry if they do not have knowledge about the same.

A Useful Course for Budding Fashion Designers

Many reputed web design institutes offer exclusive graphic design course for fashion designing. The most popular raster-based program in the fashion and textile industry is Photoshop. Thus, Photoshop forms an essential part of this course. Designers can display their creativity on the digital platform using this program. This helps them acquire projects from clients based in different parts of the world. It also helps in speeding up their work as it quickens the process of creating repeating patterns and handling other such tasks.

Course Highlights

Here is a look at what all is covered under graphic design course for fashion designing:

To begin with, this course gives an overview about Photoshop. It teaches about colour modes and channels, file formats, selection tools, patterns and stitching, refining selections, saving and loading selections, managing layers, cutting out object for illustrator, exploring Photoshop filter, working with layer masks, cloning techniques, dodge and burn tools, re-colouring, cropping and rotating artwork, removing imperfections and cleaning up, dodge and burn tools, colour correction adjustments, mixing and sampling colour, sharpening and working with type.

In addition to it, the course also trains the students rigorously to work with adjustment layers, add gradient fills, apply layer masks, cut out intricate patterns, work with Photoshop paths, make a composition, blend modes, pre-set manager, cut out intricate patterns, prepare edging samples, gradient mapping, custom brushes and patterns, photo merging, map onto a surface, extend a pattern and many other tools.

Graphic design course for fashion designing can be completed within 45-60 days. Fast track and crash courses are also available for those who cannot spare much time to acquire this skill. However, if you have enough time, it is suggested to go for a regular course as it covers each topic in detail.

Top institutes offer classroom training as well as online classes for this course.

It is highly recommended to undergo this course in order to flourish in the fashion industry. Whether you are just starting with a career in fashion design or are already working in this field, undergoing this short term course can boost your career.