Master Web Development with Short Term Course in PHP and MYSQL

Master Web Development with Short Term Course in PHP and MYSQL

PHP and MYSQL form the basis of web development. If you are planning to become a web developer then pursuing a short term web development course in PHP and MYSQL is a good idea. This is because it will help you develop a fully functioning website which is easy to browse. Read on to get a brief on what all is covered in such a course.

Course Content of Short Term Web Development Course in PHP and MYSQL
Here is a look at the various topics that are covered as a part of this short term course if you undergo it at a good web development institute.


Let us start with the topics covered under PHP:

Short term web development course in PHP and MYSQL gives an insight into what PHP is. It teaches the server side and client side language. You will also learn how to install xampp/ wamp. Besides, the course teaches all the PHP basics including basic syntax, variables, data types, operators and eco/print. It also acquaints you with PHP functions including functions with arguments and return functions. PHP conditions and loops, PHP array, string, PHP form and file upload, PHP session and cookies are also taught as a part of this course. Under PHP session and cookies, students are taught what session is, how to login using session, how to set or remove cookies, the way to send data to another page and the method to save password example by using cookies.

Under PHP form and file upload, you are taught about form validation, file handling, file upload validation, multiple file uploading, file upload with preview and more. The topic PHP conditions and loops covers if condition, if else condition, switch statement, do while loop, for loop and foreach loop to name a few. You also learn array methods, accessing array, accessing string and string methods.


Let us now have a look at the course content of MYSQL Database:

To start with, you will be taught the database basics which will include the need of database, primary key, foreign key, data types and tables. You will then learn what is normalization and the need for the same. Besides, you will be trained to connect to database, create database, drop database, select database, update data, delete data select data, create table and the way to insert data into table.

Short term web development course in MYSQL also teaches how to filter data in MYSQL, MYSQL Grouping Data, MYSQL Transaction, MYSQL Joins and MYSQL Import and Export.

Students are provided complete course material related to all these topics. They are imparted theoretical knowledge and given practical training in the same to train them completely. A short term web development course in this subject can be completed in less than a month.