Most Important Meta Tags for Website On-Page Optimization

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Most Important Meta Tags for Website On-Page Optimization

Meta tags are used to provide additional information to search engines. Almost every search engine Crawlers and spider uses meta tags to provide important information.
Where we use meta tags:

The Meta tag is used within the tag always. We used different types of meta tags for different information. Providing accurate and correct details in meta tags helps websites, blogs, articles, etc. in rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Some most important meta tags:

Meta Description

The meta description is one of the important meta tags to provide information about all pages to search engines. Meta descriptions describe the whole page in short summary around 150-160 characters (with space).

For more info visit: Key Roles of Meta Description and Its features


Meta Robots

Meta robots tag used to index or de-index web pages to different search engine indexing. Using this tag, we can allow or block bots to crawl web pages.

< meta name ="robots" content="index, follow">
< meta name ="robots" content="no index, follow">
< meta name ="robots" content="index, no follow">
< meta name ="robots" content="no index, nofollow">

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are used to insert more keywords on a particular page. Its length will be 70 characters. Meta keywords will be always in small characters and long-tail keywords separate by.

< meta name ="keywords" content="meta tags, meta keywords, SEO meta tags, meta name keywords, meta tag keywords, meta keywords seo">


Meta Author

Meta author used to provide information about the owner of the website. In this, we can put the business name, email id, mobile number, website URL.

< meta name ="author" content="Business Name or M.No, Email Id’s , Website Url">

Other Important Meta Tags

These are some important meta tags that also help search engines to provide additional information, which we can use as per our website: