Microsoft Excel Advanced Course

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point at Next-G Education offer you the latest version of MS Office training. Learning with us always you aware of all the new tools and functions available in the office.

NGE, Rohini, Delhi provides Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point training as per industry based standards. This course is perfect for beginners in computer or people who are looking to enhance their skills using MS OFFICE software.

Microsoft Office Course:

  • Ms office introduction
  • New file creation and Document Save
  • Spelling Checking
  • Add Formating in Text
  • Page Margins
  • Formating Marks
  • Maintain Line spacing and Alignment

Excel Basic Course

  • Microsoft Excel Introduction
  • cells and columns Introduction
  • Excel Function Introduction
  • Copy, Paste,Delete Options
  • Excel files to PDF Conversion
  • Freezing Panes
  • Managing windows & Splitting Windows
  • Name Manger, Group and Ungroup
  • Filter and Sorting and Searching
  • Password protection
  • Printer Properties and Page Setup

Advance Excel Course Details

  • Formulas in Advance Excel
  • Sum if, Sumifs, Countif, Countifs, Array Formulas
  • Vlookup, Hlookup, lookup, Index, Match, Choose
  • Wildcard Characters
  • Vlookup from multiple Data Ranges
  • Using Wildcard Characters in Excel Formulas
  • Database formulas
  • Nested Formulas
  • Nested If
  • Apply any formula to Conditional formatting
  • Creating List in Excel
  • Data Validation
  • Sorting using multiple Criteria
  • Filtering using Multiple Criteria
  • Auto Filter
  • Finding Records using Criteria
  • Subtotal and Total
  • Chart
  • Pivot Table
  • Introduction to Conditional formatting
  • Pivot T able uses(Real world problem) and analysis
  • Pivot form the Multiple Source of Data, Multiple Data Ranges, and Name Range
  • Creating Dynamic Chart using Dynamic references and analysis
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Consolidation
  • Evaluation Formulas
  • Error Checking
  • What is Circular References error? How to rectify Circular Reference?
  • User forms and using forms to Fill Data in Sheet
  • Advanced Excel Course in Delhi