Roles of Meta Robots Tags to Index Web Pages

meta robots tags

Roles of Meta Robots Tags to Index Web Pages

Meta Robots tags is an important tag in SEO, which allow or Disallow search engines to index or Deindex web pages. There are 4 types of meta robot’s tags which are mentioned below:

Meta robots tag insert in head section of every page of a website. It’s helps us to decide about pages, post to hide or show to crawler or not. Mostly used tag and . When our website is in under construction then we use tag and when our website become ready and we want to allow search engines to crawl our website the we use generally tag.

Lest try to understand in deep index and follow meaning. When our website content is ok then we can use INDEX and when anchor tag or internal or external linking are ok then we use Follow. It means when our website content and linking are completely ok then we can use index, follow tag.

Key Feature of Meta robot’s tag:

  • It allows search engine to index our website pages
  • We can use this tag as per our requirements
  • Easy to apply in html and CMS website
  • Helps to rank website

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