Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes

PHP is widely used web development language across the web. ITS provides some CMS which named as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. All the CMS have their own features but in these four WordPress is one of the most in-demanding CMS now a days. WordPress is a PHP based an open-source CMS which work with MySQL database.

Demands of WordPress Website?

WordPress is a highly usable CMS to develop different types of websites. More than 15% of websites are in WordPress across all over the world. Due to this demands of WordPress Theme, WordPress Developer, WordPress Plugins are high.

Increasing demands of WordPress website Allows developers to work on WordPress. Developers mostly used high quality theme to develop rich featured website. Theme based allows developers to work fast and create a website soon.

There are millions of themes are available on the web to design and develop the website. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Developers are using widely these themes to develop blogging, informative, business, travel, e-commerce, websites.

WordPress website development can be a great profession for Freelancer, IT company to develop website. Having a proper knowledge in WordPress website development can enhance the chance to earn more.

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes

These are top 10 best featured themes on which I have work and lots of website I have developed using these themes. These themes are best suitable for developing informative, business, blogging, travelling, E-Commerce types website. All these themes are available on WordPress official website You can directly download it a work using these themes. All these themes have a good featured and easy to implement.

  1. Construction Lite
  2. Enlighten
  3. AccessPress Store
  4. Zigcy Baby
  5. Zigcy Lite
  6. Education Base
  7. Ripple
  8. Everest -news
  9. VMagazine News
  10. ParallaxSome

In all above free themes Construction Lite, Enlighten, Ripple, Education Base are best option to design information based website, while Zigcy Baby, Zigcy Lite are one of the best option to develop e-commerce website and Everest News and VMagazine News and Everest News are best one for developing News, blogging websites.

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