Top 5 Career Options after Learning Adobe Photoshop

Top 5 Career Options after Learning Adobe Photoshop

Learning Adobe Photoshop offers vast career opportunities to the aspirants who want to build their future as creative professionals. It is an extremely popular software used by graphic designers, photo- editors, web designers, and many industry professionals.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most versatile software developed by IT giant - Adobe Systems. It allows the user to edit photos, create digital artworks, vectors, logo, retouching, manipulation, etc. With a huge variety of tools and techniques, it results in the most efficient and convenient working.

To make the efficient use of Adobe Photoshop, one has to learn its features in detail. It gives the freedom to transform imaginative concepts into creative artworks. Learning this software opens up ample career opportunities for students after 12th as well as graduation.

We have listed down 5 best career options after learning Adobe Photoshop. These options can get you a high-income job or freelance work within a short span.

1. Photo Editor or Retoucher

Photography is becoming essential for business marketing. Whether it is corporate, fashion or wedding photography, everybody requires high-quality photographs. Here comes the role of Adobe Photoshop. It lets the user make color correction, skin retouch, balance photographic lights, and effects, manipulate the background, etc.

Photo editor or retoucher is one of the fastest-growing job roles in the field of Photography. One can take a full-time job or work on a freelance basis from any part of the world. To excel in this field, there are special short-term courses that are available to make students understand the concept of photo editing and retouching in detail.

2. Web Designer

For developing interactive UI (user interface), one needs to be a master of graphic designing. It is important to understand the theory of color scheme, layout, and other design elements while designing a web page or an application. After learning Adobe Photoshop, one can become a creative web designer and make innovative web templates.

As the web development industry is growing, many IT companies are hiring Adobe Photoshop professionals and offering good salary packages. It helps them in getting impressive graphics, layouts, wireframes, and mock-ups designed for their website projects.

3. Social Media and Websites

The creatively designed banners and graphics that we see on websites and social media are the results of Adobe Photoshop. They work on visual communication. Effectively designed graphic influences customers the most. Adobe Photoshop professional designs attractive graphics to enhance the overall look of the website and social media channels. This lets the brand attract more customers with the help of a strong visual message.

It has also become vital in social media marketing as it helps in designing attractive graphics for announcements and product launch on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

4. Print Media and Advertising

Learning Adobe Photoshop offers a huge career scope in print media and the advertising industry. It helps in designing eye- catchy hoardings for advertising and on-road publicity. It is one of the most essential software required to create an interactive design for attracting the target audience.

In the print media industry, Photoshop is considered as an important tool for growing business. It lets the designer create a highly persuasive brochure, pamphlets, posters, visiting cards and many other marketing types of collateral that are important for growing any business.

5. Animation or Multimedia Artist

An animation is a powerful tool for business branding. It delivers unique and fresh ideas to communicate with the target audience. Creating animated graphics or GIFs in Adobe Photoshop is not a new concept. The advanced version of the program offers great flexibility to the artist to create highly professional animated frames.

To get into the field of animation, one needs to deep dive into learning the software basics and right tools for it. It offers immense work opportunities to those artists who can create high end animated graphics.