Top 5 career options after learning Adobe Premiere Pro

Top 5 career options after learning Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is extremely useful video editing software in the post-production industry. It is widely used all across the globe because of its incredible tools and features. Significantly, it increases the efficiency of the editor as well as the post-production process. Its jaw-dropping effects and techniques bring out the broadcast quality and high definition visuals.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a comprehensive video editing software demanded by the industry. Apart from re-arranging the clips while adding interesting effects, there is a lot more that it offers.

Learning Adobe Premiere Pro opens up vast career opportunities for students to enter into the creative media industry. We have listed down five options that students can choose to make a promising career.

Motion Graphics Artist

The enticing videos that we see on the big screen, television and the internet are the result of Motion graphics artist’s work. They create complex yet interactive video content including 2D and 3D animation and embed it into the post-production projects. Adobe Premiere Pro lets them use their imaginative skills to develop out of the box artwork and blend it into a visually pleasing sequence.

Motion graphics artists are considered as an integral part of any creative post-production process. In today’s scenario, organizations are using video content which is highly interactive and catches the eyes of the customers. Thus, they conceptualize the complete storyboard, edit the clips and bring out a masterpiece of their work with creative artworks.

YouTube / social media Vlogger

Many individuals have the interest to become a YouTube/ social media Vlogger. After learning Adobe Premiere Pro, they can start their own YouTube channel and make it viral on social media. Usually, it becomes extremely difficult and costly to hire an editor dedicated for your own channel. However, if you have hands-on practice on Adobe Premiere Pro then it becomes extensively useful, cost-efficient and time-saving.

Vlogging predominantly features exclusive video content streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The exclusivity and quality of the content take the vlogger to new heights of success in their career.

Wedding video editor

The Wedding videography industry is evolving at a fast pace. New techniques, trends, and styles are being expected from the wedding team and cinematographers. Thus, it has significantly captured a huge market. Once the wedding is recorded, it is the role of the wedding video editor to enhance the footage and package it into a high definition film. 

After learning Adobe Premiere Pro wedding video editors can work on two different bases of employment. Many of them work on full time with production houses. However, the majority of them work as a freelancer to take up different wedding projects simultaneously.

Short films and documentaries

Any short film is incomplete without having a creative video editor. The idea of packaging the art of storytelling into an impactful film depends upon the technical skills and knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro. At the basic level, this role consists of rearranging the clips in a manner that look visually pleasing and adding special effects to achieve the desired impact of the project.

Streaming of short- films and documentaries on social media have become increasingly popular. Thus, this industry has a great requirement for those who have the skill and interest to make meaningful projects.

Video editor for the news channel

The media industry is known for employing a huge number of full-time video editors. They telecast the content 24x 7 to keep their channel going. Thus, there is a never-ending need for those who have extensive knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro.

The role of an editor for news channel quite challenging. The number of raw footage, audio clips, bytes, and other info-graphics are required to be blended perfectly. The assembling of the raw content has to be so finished that can be used readily for telecasting.