Top 50 SEO Interview Questions & Answers

Top 50 SEO Interview Questions & Answers

Top 50 SEO Interview Questions & Answers

Q.1. What Is SEO?

Ans. SEO is a process to improve the ranking of website, blog, article, document, audio, video etc,  in SERP (Search Engine Result Page.

Q.2. Explain types of SEO?

Ans. There are three types of SEO:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

Q. 3. Explain the Phases of SEO?

Ans. There are four Phases in SEO:

  • Pre Site Activity
  • On Page Activity
  • Off Page Activity
  • Post Site Activity

Q. 4. Explain Sitemap and its Types?

Ans. The sitemap is a collection of all pages of a website.

There are  4 types of SEO:

Q. 5.  What are Broken Links? And Its Impact on Website Ranking?

Ans. Broken link generally called as Dead Link or Hanging I.e a link which not works furthermore is called Broken Link in Website.

If any search engines find broken link within website then website ranking automatically down day by day. We can remove broken link within the website by check all internal or external linking one by one or check through online using broken link checkers tools.

Q. 6.  Explain Important Meta Tags in On Page Optimization?

Ans. The most Important tag in SEO:

Title Tag: A title tag is a technical term in SEO, which used to describe the content of all individual pages. It must be within 60 characters with space.

Features of Title tag:

  • It must be within 60 characters with space.
  • The title must be in Title Case
  • Use Modifiers like best, offers, top, cheap, reviews etc in the title.
  • Use numbers in the title
  • Always separate title with | or -.
  • Optimize format for Title: Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword |Brand Name

Meta Tags Optimization:

Q. 7.  Major Search Engines Names?

Ans: Some Major Search Engines Names Are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Alta Vista
  • Alexa
  • Duck Duck Go

Q.8.  Name of Google, Bing and Alta Vista?

Ans. Names Are:

  • The name of Google Spider is “Googlebot”.
  • The name of Bing Spider is “Bingbot”.
  • The name of Alta Vista Spider is “Scooter”.

Q.9.  What is full form of URL, HTTP, WWW?

Ans. Full Forms are:

URL:  Uniform Resource Locator

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

WWW: World Wide Web

Q.10.  Types of Robots tag?

There are 4 types of Meta Robots Tag:

Q.11.  What is Page Rank?

Ans. It's a numeric Value ranges from 0 to 10 ..Which is provides by search engines according to website performance, content, backlink, etc. Where larger number is treated as a best and lower not consider as good.

Q.12.  What is Alexa rank?