What is Backlink and How to Create Backlinks for Free

What is Backlink and How to Create Backlinks for Free

When it comes to SEO in the field of blogging, then the name of backlink comes to everyone's mind, but friends, some new bloggers do not have much information about backlinks, what are backlinks, and how to make quality backlinks.

First of all, let us know what is backlinks – Backlink is an external link that is received from any other website to our website, so that visitors from that website reach our blog/website, in clear words, a backlink is from one website to another. Work to make a way to go to the website

How Many Types of Backlinks in SEO?

Now let's talk about how many types of backlinks are there - generally there are two types of backlinks, dofollow backlink, and nofollow backlink, if you do not know about them, what is the difference between dofollow backlink and nofollow backlink, and what is the contribution of both in SEO. So let's take a look at them in detail-

1. Dofollow Backlink- Dofollow Backlinks are those links. Which are followed by both crawlers and users of search engines. In other words, those links have the 'Dofollow' attribute. That link is called Dofollow Backlink.

2. Nofollow Backlink- Nofollow Backlinks are those links. Which are followed only by users. The crawlers of search engines do not follow such links. Nofollow links have the "rel=Nofollow" attribute. Due to which the authority of the website is not transferred to any other website.

How to Create Backlinks for Free

1. Write Guest Post- If you want to make a quality dofollow backlink for your blog, then this is the best way by which you can create quality backlink for your blog/website, now friends where should you write guest posts, friends you guest Post should be done in those papular website/blog which is related to your blog/website

For example, if your blog is related to technology, then for this you should write a guest post on the technology-related blog and website itself so that the traffic of your blog will increase and the search ranking of the blog will also increase.

2. By Commenting - When you comment on any other blog/website, then at that time you add a link to your blog/website, then it gives nofollow backlink to your blog/website which helps in increasing the traffic of your blog. But friends, you should comment on the post of the website/blog related to your blog, which will also benefit your blog/website…

3. Blog directory submission- After creating backlinks and increasing the traffic of the blog/website, so in them we only consider backlinks but friends are one of them, which we call blog directory submission. You get a quality backlink along with it helps a lot in increasing your blog's ranking and domain authority… for this, you read this post of ours, in this, you will get complete information about blog directory submission

4. Write Quality Content – ​​Friends, you should write a quality post in your blog/website so that the visitor visiting your blog/website can be helped by the information given in that post and that information should be useful for them so that your blog can be accessed. Visitors start liking and writing quality posts also keep you on top of your post search so that you can get more and more visitors to your blog/website post…

5. From Social Media Site- Backlink, you can create a backlink for your blog and website from any social media site like PinterestFacebooksocial bookmarking sites from here you will get nofollow backlink but your It can be of great help in increasing traffic to the website.

6. Create a backlink from Quora - If you are from the blog technology or education category or are related to any other category, then you can create your profile on Quora, and here you can answer the questions of the people along with your blog. You can share the link of your blog, which will help a lot in increasing the traffic of your blog, remember that from here also you will get a no-follow backlink.