What is W3C Validation

What is W3C Validation

W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium, It is an organization founded by Tim Berners Lee and it is run by a full-time staff to continue creating and preserving web standards.

W3C has created more than 90+ standards, which are also called “recommendations” that have passed through its process of review, formulation, and implementation.

These standards are used to direct the creation of code that lives up to those standards via web developers and browsers. They help us to write the rule book which determines our code is poorly written or well written.


W3C Validation 

World Wide Web Consortium allows web designers or web developers to check your HTML code or XHTML code is well-formatted or not. It ensures your page code quality and helps you to write well-structured code.


Why W3C Validation is important?

W3C validation is the process of checking our website code to determine if it follows a W3C standard or not. If your website fails W3C standards it shows a number of errors to pass W3C standards. If we don’t pass W3C standards it give a bad impact on our search engine result, it affects crawl rate. Below are some reasons to validate our HTML code:


1. Help to Improve Rankings in Search Engines

W3C validation helps us to improve our website ranking in search engines. Errors and bugs in our code can affect our website performance and ranking of our website when search engine crawlers read our website code. If a search engine crawler finds any error in our website code that does not follow W3C standards, then your page that has an error will create a problem it will not be indexed by the search engine and the robot will stop searching your entire website.


2. Validation helps teach Best Practices

W3C validation helps teach best practices to web designers and web developers. It guides web designers or web developers to write error-free code. In this when we validate our code it shows our mistakes and also shows guidance to remove those errors.

It helps beginners to write well-structured code and also teaches the beginners how important W3C validation to write error-free code is.

3. Improved Website User Experience

W3C validation helps us to improve our website user experience, when users visit our website and access our website smoothly and easily error-free then the user experience is good for our website, and the user experience is also helpful for search engine ranking. Google gives priority to a website that has less bounce rate because of a good user experience.


4.  Make Website Browsers Friendly

W3C helps us to make our website browsers friendly, websites that are not validated by W3C standards may display incorrectly in some browsers. Many websites have cross-platform issues so to resolve this issue we need W3C standards.

To make our website browser friendly we need to pass W3C standards.


5. Help us to Easy Maintain Code

W3C helps us to maintain our code easily, if we make our website error-free by passing W3C standards, then we can manage our code easily.


6. Validation as a Debugging Tool

W3C validation works like a debugging tool for our website, sometimes our website works fine on major browsers but has a number of errors and creates a problem on some browsers then W3C helps us to figure out problems.


How to Validate our Code?

There are W3C validation checker tools:

  • W3C HTML Validation: In this, we can validate our HTML code, you can validate your HTML Code by the following link:
  • W3C CSS Validation:  In this, we can validate our CSS code, you can validate your CSS Code by the following link:


In both validation you can validate your code in 3 ways:

Validate by URL: In this paste, your website URL, will validate and show an error of your website.

Validate by File Upload:  In this upload of your HTML file, it will validate and show an error of your website.

Validate by Direct Input:  In this, we paste our HTML Code in textarea, it will validate and show an error of your website.