Why 301 Redirection is Necessary for Website?

Why 301 Redirection is Necessary for Website?

In SEO, there are 2 types of redirections on is called 301 and 302 redirections. 301 redirection is also called permanent redirections and 302 called temporary redirections.

Why we use 301:

When we change our existing url to new url then we use 301 redirections.


If we have a existing url  www.abc.com/web-design

And we are going to change and make it SEO friendly LIKE: www.abc.com/web-design-course

Then we can do 301 redirections.

Advantage of 301 redirections.

  • It provides link juice (seo terms) to new url through which our current page ranking not effect.
  • Ranking of keywords not effected
  • In SEO terms Search engines give priority to 301 redirections comparison to 302 redirections.
  • We can easily do in cPanel
  • We can also in WordPress  using 301 redirections plugin.

Why we use 302:

When we change our existing URL to different URL no’s of times then we use 302 redirections.

Search engines don’t give any weightage to page when we do 320 redirections lots of time.