Why Magento is Best Suited for E-Commerce Business?

Why Magento is Best Suited for E-Commerce Business?

Starting an online business is not easy. You have to hire an intelligently smart web developer to get it done. In addition, it requires great effort in organizing, managing and maintaining the online store on an hourly basis.

In over a decade’s time, the Indian E-commerce industry has evolved rapidly. It is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 51% while touching $120 billion in 2020. To complement the burgeoning industry, there are various Content Management Systems (CMS) and solutions available to establish a well-organized E-commerce business.

Out of the vast options available for developing an E-commerce website, Magento is considered as the most preferred platform that provides huge benefits to the users. It is an open source technology that provides shopping cart system, great security features and flexible control over its functions.  It is perhaps the best E-Commerce platform out there, ideal for the retailers who want to boost their online sales.

The major reasons to choose Magento for developing E-Commerce websites are:

Flexibility and scalability

Every web development language is beneficial in its own way. Similarly, Magento is known for providing flexible and scalable options. Whether you are developing a small or a big online store, Magento offers great options to scale up the catalogue and processing of a huge number of orders. In addition, it provides vast options for customization that helps in keeping the design of the website up to date. With such flexible and scalable options, it can also transform the online store into a global shopping platform.


When it comes to developing an E-commerce website, security should remain the top priority. E-commerce websites collect customers’ contact details, payments and features product details. Thus, they have to be secure enough to build customers’ trust. Magento is one such platform that keeps the data of customers as well as the business safe.

Loading speed

Magento works on its ultimate aim to provide the best user interface and experience. To make it convenient for customers, it develops fast loading online store, irrespective of a load of data. A fast loading website plays a crucial role in boosting the sales of the online store. The faster the loading of an E-commerce website, quicker the sales conversions will be.

Multiple payment gateway options

Magento offers the facility to integrate any payment gateway as required by the business. It also allows integrating third-party payment gateways for customers’ convenience. For easy payment method, a developer can embed Paytm, Paypal, Google Pay, and other third parties to the website.

Inbuilt marketing tools

Marketing of an online store is essential for the success of any E-commerce business. Magento offers inbuilt marketing and promotional features for E-commerce websites. Search Engine Optimization, Meta tags, sitemaps, etc are a few features that are inherent in the Magento website. It gives the website a chance to appear on important search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. These features boost the functioning, performance as well as sales of the business.

Mobile and Desktop friendly

Nowadays, there are different screen sizes available to users. Usually, they access E-Commerce websites on their smartphones for comfort and convenience. To ensure the same interface to each user on different devices, Magento develops responsive websites. This enables the user to have a seamless experience on a smartphone, tablet, PC or on any other screen size or resolution.

Smart filter options

Every E-commerce website needs to have filter options. In order to improve customer experience in finding the type of product they want, Magento offers dynamic filter options on multiple parameters. Moreover, it also has the ability to configure terms that are auto-suggested based on the search history, product filters and product reviews.

Product catalogue management

Running an online store is not easy when you have multiple product range to showcase. Thus, Magento works best in managing the catalogue without affecting the performance of the website. From grouping to tagging different prices on multiples products, Magento manages all for the user as well as the owner’s convenience. It also offers the facility to share an individual product on social media platforms such as What’s app, Facebook, Instagram, Email etc.

Checkout and shipping

An E-commerce website has to be developed keeping in mind the ease of the customers. To make a customer-centric website, Magento offers easy checkout and shipping management tools. It focuses on managing user information for registration, SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer support and cohesive information for the smooth functioning of the website. In addition, it also works on managing cart and wish-list with accurate dispatch details.

Managing orders

Managing orders is quite a hectic job in E-commerce business. There can be no compromise in handling the orders as this may lead to mismanagement and business loss. To handle orders properly, Magento enables the admin to edit/view orders, invoices, shipping and packaging slips. Thus, there is a transparent order system to ensure accuracy that also lets the admin to handle order cancellations and reorders.