5 Most In- Demand Architect Design Software in India

5 Most In- Demand Architect Design Software in India

Architecture is all about creative planning and designing. It requires a thoroughly conceptualised drawing of a building, landscape design, interior or exterior design. Being one of the primary most parts of the architecture, a well- crafted architect design helps in communicating the ideas and structure with the client.

Architectural or simply known as architect design converts the idea of a structure into a functional sketch. These are computer-aided drafting (CAD) that requires in-depth concentration into the complex calculations to create an appropriate structure.

Every client has a specific requirement. From commercial to residential, from interior to exterior, architect design plays a crucial role. In order to fulfil diverse needs, there are different architect design softwares demanded by the industry. They differ in their features, functions, compatibility, adaptability and process of drawing.

We have compiled a list of top 5 softwares that every architect designer should master:

Revit Architecture

Creating an accurate architect design is important for the desired structure. Revit architecture is Business Information Modelling software that lets the architect designer and building professionals create better-optimised structures. It allows the user to add real-time objects and shapes that provides accuracy in the project. It has the capacity to add 3D objects that creates an excellent blueprint and increases profitability.

Architecture industry in India is booming aggressively. The industry is demanding skilled professionals, who can work on Revit to create 2D & 3D plans, BIM, specific building drawings at an affordable cost. In addition, it also tracks the cost as well as completion of the project that saves time and other human resources.


AutoCAD is one of the oldest software used in Architecture and engineering industry. It came into existence to replace pen and paperwork allowing the architects to create Computer Aided Designs for their projects. It adds accuracy to the process of planning and drafting while making it easier to portray a design in a professional way.

For building professionals, AutoCAD lays the basic foundation that aids in visualising and stimulating innovative design ideas. By using a single program, architect designers can view and identify different aspects of the building or floor plan. Moreover, it helps in spotting out flaws in the blueprint which can be fixed then and there to ensure accuracy in the construction stage.

3DS Max

3DS Max offers a comprehensive 3D modelling, rendering and lighting solution in architecture projects. Suitable for architect designers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and construction professionals, the software helps in designing accurate and solid 3D surfaces in the building structure itself.

3DS Max offers the capability to add third dimensional and realistic objects that offer an effective user interface. It is known for adding realism by ensuring rendering and visualisation to the project. It helps in designing layouts, modelling, texturing, rendering and lighting.

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is one of the latest architect design software in the industry. It offers a wide range of features that allow interior and exterior design; and building and landscape design. Ideal for architect designers and engineers, the software offers 3D modelling that can assist many projects including building, interior and exterior, floor or house maps, etc.

Google Sketchup is also known for simplifying the process of creating 2D & 3D models with detailed and systematic design. To match the dynamic trends of the industry, many companies are hiring professionals who are equipped with Google Sketchup skills. It offers time and works efficiently to them by sketching a detailed plan for even smaller sections such as elevation, windows, etc.

V – Ray

Rendering is vital for any building and construction project as it shows the most accurate representation of the design. V-Ray is a superfast 3D rendering and lighting tool compatible with 3DS Max, Google Sketchup and other design software. It creates that sort of visualisation which is indistinguishable from a picture. It is widely used in the architecture industry due to its versatility and 3D rendering support for construction plan.

V- Ray has the capacity to integrate well with design software such as 3DS Max. It is one of the most in-demand tools for architects because it does not require hours to spend struggling with glitches while rendering.