How we Can Target Important Keywords in Web Pages

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How we Can Target Important Keywords in Web Pages

Roles of targeting important keywords within the web pages are sometimes easy and sometimes becomes difficult.  To get rank of website, we must have a knowledge about the keyword’s importance. So, firstly I describe here where we can target keywords then we discuss in details.

  • We can target our most important or primary keywords in Title tag

Title tag comes withing a header section of every web pages. For more details about title tag read article: How to Optimize Your Title Tag for Search Engines Friendly?

  • Secondly, we can insert important keywords in URL section

To know more in details about targeting keywords in url visit blog:  Points to keep in mind during Creating SEO Friendly URL

  • Thirdly we can insert keywords within Heading. There are six heading tag i.e h1 to h6. We can insert keywords within the website content using H1 to h6 tag. Most of the search engines also display the results using heading. So, using right heading within the content will help lots to get rank.
  • We can also insert keywords using bold tag within the content.
  • We can also target keywords in alt tag.

So, above are some points where we can put the keywords. For getting best result we must have to at least 300+ words content within the web pages.

For finding important keywords, firstly we must research and analysis. Then we have to firstly analysis short length, middle length and long tail keywords. Then give priority to rank as per primary , secondary keywords.