Short Term Graphic Design Courses to Add to Your Skill Set

Short Term Graphic Design Courses to Add to Your Skill Set

Graphics form an essential part of marketing and branding activities. Businesses require unique, vibrant and visually appealing graphics to catch the attention of the masses and increase their visibility. They seek help from professional graphic designers to get this task accomplished. In order to become a graphic designer, one requires pursuing a standard graphic design course. However, in order to thrive in this highly competitive industry, it is essential to undergo advanced courses in the field.

It is best to undergo short term graphic design courses to learn about new graphic tools and enhance your skills.

Types of Short Term Graphic Design Courses

Here is a look at the popular short term graphic design courses that you can pursue to add to your skill set:

Adobe Photoshop

This short term course is a great way to hone your skills as a graphic designer. It teaches you to work in Adobe Photoshop using different tools. You become a master in photo corrections, working with selection tools, layer basics, quick fixes, typographic design, masks and channels, vector drawing techniques, advanced composting, painting with the mixer brush, working with camera, editing video, printing 3D files, producing and printing consistent colour and preparing files for the web.

Adobe Illustrator

As a part of this course, students are taught how to create illusion, select artwork, use shapes to create artwork, edit and combine shapes and paths, use colour to enhance signage, organize artwork with layers, use illustrator CC with other Adobe applications, edit and apply gradients, blends and patterns, explore uses of effects and graphic styles, export assets and more.


This course teaches how to use and explore CorelDraw Screen. Move around the current page, view modes, insert and delete pages, change pages, draw and shape objects, arrange objects, outline and file objects, work with text, use symbols and clipart, transform objects, export drawings and more.

Adobe Lightroom

A course in Adobe Lightroom teaches how to import, find and manage images. It also teaches the use of develop module, graduated filter, adjustment brush tool and radial filter. Selecting and masking, retouching, special effects, exporting and showing off work also form a part of the course content.

Adobe Indesign

As a part of this short term graphic design course students learn how to create new documents, place multiple images and grouping, scale and retain image, apply effects to images, add and delete images, create basic text frames, apply colour to text, apply swatches to frames, apply baseline grid, add corner effects to frames, duplicate master pages, clip paths and more.

Adobe Bridge

This course introduces the students to bridge. It provides knowledge about evaluating images, using loupe tool, using stacks, getting photos from a camera, filtering content, running a slide show, making a PDF presentation, creating contact sheets, finding images, working in compact mode, using bridge with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and synchronizing colour settings.


This course teaches how to create a new document, navigate documents, set print layout, work with ruler guides, work with dynamic guides, set application preference, understand projects and layouts, convert InDesign files to QuarkXPress, create layers and more. You also acquire the skill to format text, use paragraph controls and work with images, tables, text layouts, colour and opacity.

These short term graphic design courses can be completed within 45-60 days. You can even opt for their fast track or crash course version to master these skills all the more quickly. These are a great way to add to your skill set and boost your career.